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Flukebeat Music‘s mission is to become the leading Hip Hop brand in the UK and is the home to Joker Starr. Founded in 2010 Flukebeat aims to give a platform to new emerging artists.

Slough resident Kebbie Conteh aka Joker Starr brings two essential ingredients to the musical mix – energy and personality.┬áHe certainly possesses boundless amounts of both!

His parents (hailing from Sierra Leone) brought him up on Calypso, Soul and Jazz and it wasn’t until 1998 that Joker Starr discovered an interest in Hip Hop.

Website: https://flukebeatmusic.bandcamp.com/

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Address: Slough, UK

Artist Roster: Joker Starr, Anyway Tha God, G.A.W.D., Jones Brothers,

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MACKnificent starring Joker Starr as 'Golden Arches'

MACKnificent starring Joker Starr as ‘Golden Arches’

The Slough Town rapper Joker Starr's album 'MACKnificent' will be released on March 19th 2015. The guest verse on the title track is taken care of by veteran wordsmith Kashmere, one half of the group Strange U whilst all production is taken care of by DJ IQ. With a combo like that we can expect something that will hit the right spots. All these guys have been in the game for a while now and never fail to deliver and I am sure this will be no different.

Joker Starr - Blood-Ren LP [FlukeBeat]

Joker Starr – Blood-Ren LP [FlukeBeat]

"MCing is about expression", Joker states in no uncertain terms, "it needs to come from you". A potent mixture of talent, vision and dynamism, Joker Starr is ready to add a new facet to hip hop music. His debut album "Blood-Ren" can be described as having a Golden New Era hiphop sound that appeals to the boom bap purist whilst ticking all the right boxes for the commercial hip hop listener.

DJ IQ ft. Joker Starr - Pimp My Mix [Audio]

DJ IQ ft. Joker Starr – Pimp My Mix [Audio]

How cold is it outside right now? I am sure it is not as cold as the mix featuring Joker Starr amongst others titled Pimp My Mix, which is free might I add. An intelligent mix by DJ IQ aka May The Force Be With You aka DMC Champ 2003 for your listening enjoyment and pleasure. Its an eclectic mix for an ecletics fix for pimps, tricks and hoes who all got one thing in common, the love for the music.

Joker Starr

Joker Starr

Having heard good things both muscially and via word-of-mouth it was high time that I interviewed Joker Starr, a hungry and ambitious MC from Slough. He deserves to be bigger than David Brent so check this interview and get to know!

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