Heavy Bronx

UK hip-hop label run by The P Brothers. Heavy Nottingham Bronx.

Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20111216215334/http://www.heavybronx.com/


Email: orders@heavybronx.com




Artist Roster: Cappo, P Brothers, Mr 45, DJ Ivory,

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P Brothers – The Gas EP [Heavy Bronx]

Ivory and Paul S aren’t so much down by law as by unanimous international judiciary. Having drawn direct parallels between the original Bronx incarnation of the culture and the creative instincts found in their native Nottingham, the P Brothers are quite simply a Hip Hop purist’s wet dream. Their sought after Heavy Bronx 12 inch series established their mandate for abrasive drums and general eardrum battery; while a series of acclaimed old school mixes only fanned the flames and cemented their reps.

Cappo & Styly Cee - Directors Commentary

Cappo & Styly Cee – Directors Commentary

From Cap3000 to the present day, the Grand Imperial Condor's work speaks for itself- from the critically acclaimed hard to find Get Out LPs to the highly rated Spaz The World; one of the best UK Hip Hop albums in British history according to HHC, not to mention the Heavy Bronx vinyl series that was spoken of in the Village Voice (NY) and also praised by the Ultra Magnetic MCs.

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