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Hollow Sun Records consists of Cosm and G-Man. Cosm’s lyrics are drenched in dystopian noir and mafia imagery. G-Man supplies the backdrop armed with MPC’s loaded with moody atmospheric samples.

The UK based duo collaborated on the guest heavy Medusa Eyes 12″ followed by the Iron Statue LP, the Micall Parknsun produced Aspetta as well as and the upcoming LP Mattanza.

Website: https://hollowsunrecords.bandcamp.com/






Artist Roster: Cosm, G-Man,

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Cheebo And Cosm - Dissonance EP [Indie]

Cheebo And Cosm – Dissonance EP [Indie]

Cheebo and Cosm are a hip hop duo that hail from Bournemouth U.K., specialising in real hip hop. They have been making music together for two years and have released two projects to date, "Hollow Sun" and this, their most recent offering "Dissonance". Cheebo creates the sonic aesthetic that Inspires Cosm to write in his own visceral, visual inimitable style... Which in turn inspires Cheebo, and so the cycle perpetuates.

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