Invizible Circle

Invizible Circle is an independent record label of talented Hip-Hop artists / promoters who share ideas and give support to each other in a bid to expand and nurture the talent within.

The members at present live in Leeds and surrounding areas.







Artist Roster: Minority Rules, B.T.I, Junkyard Tactics, Geno Squad, MC Speedo, D.M.W, Agent M, J Bravo,

DJ E.A.S.E. @ Fresh Jive - The Breakdance Specialists

Fresh Jive – The Breakdance Specialists

The last jam of the year - and what a way to finish with a genuine Leeds superstar - droppin a super rare set will be the legendary George Evelyn, aka DJ Ease of Nightmares on Wax. Additionally the breakdance battle is set to be hype - 3 on 3s with crews from Italy, Ireland, England and Scotland. The Italian crew is Rapid Soul Movements.

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