Kold Sweat

Kold Sweat is a now defunct, this label from Shepherds Bush, London was truly running things during the early ’90’s when they burst onto the scene with a steady stream of UK Hip Hop releases.

Website: http://

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KoldSweatRecords/




Address: The Basement, 127 Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 9AV, UK

Artist Roster: SL Troopers, Katch 22, Dynametrix, Unanimaous Decision, Korperrayshun, F9's, Prime Rhyme Masters, Point Blank, Standing Ovation,

Dynametrix - Biography

Dynametrix – Biography

Dynametrix started of as Funky Force in 1985 with just two members Ace Shazamme (Shane Ryan) and Master Best (Best Igbenyemi - also known as The Phantom) they were regular visitors when Tim Westwood used to play at Wormwood Scrubs in West London in the UK and during that period sometimes rocked the mic (The Art of MCing), they could also be seen at the Notting Hill Carnival in the early 90s and playing small clubs and town halls on sound systems long before their first deal.

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