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Having formed Main Rock Records in 2002 in the UK and released 12 projects on vinyl and CD for many highly respected underground artists as well as 2 EPs of his own, Apocraphe moved to Paris in 2011.

There he became manager for Naiad, a Parisian Jazz Hiphop band who were part of the legendary L’Affaire Collective. He also recorded and mixed various projects, including the classic EP ‘Paris South Playa‘ for Mothas La Masquerade.

Moving to Toulouse in 2017, he took on presentation duties for the K7 live band open mic, establishing himself as a key presence in the Toulousain hiphop scene whilst acting as advisor and mentor to various artists. With this return as main feature artist, decades of development and growth are brought to the fore – grown man business.






Address: Toulouse, France

Artist Roster: Apocraphe,

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Apocraphe - Biography

Apocraphe – Biography

A native son of Leicester, Apocraphe was a primal force in Midlands Hip Hop in the early 2000's. As well as forming The Ill Smith Estate with National Freestyle Champion Troy Scalpels and Baron Samedi and playing across the UK and Europe (including at the UK Hiphop Awards) he also set up Main Rock Records in 2003.

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