Music Of Life

Music Of Life Records, one of the original UK hip hop labels. They released a fair bit of US stuff, a lot of crap sounding stuff but a few good UK 12″s.

A few unusual tracks as well with CJ Mackintosh making one of his few scratch records before going all housey, a few Norman Cook productions (some of the Einstein stuff), Professor Griff putting out his first solo tracks after gettting booted out of Public Enemy for alleged racist comments but getting produced by a white Brit, Griff himself producing the She Rockers featuring the soon to be pop star Betty Boo – their original track is great by the way, but the remix is a bit of a shot at the pop charts (hence the featuring Betty Boo credit) and is shit as a result.

Music oOf Life however did drop the first singles from Hijack, Killa Instinct and Son Of Noise featuring the post-Gunshot Curoc.




Phone: + (44) 1296 689 066


Address: Liscombe Park, Soulbury, Bedfordshire, LU7 OJL, UK

Artist Roster: Daddy Freddy, Einstein, Demon Boyz, MC Duke, She Rockers, Hijack, Killa Instinct, Derek B, Asher D,

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Demon Boyz 12

Demon Boyz 12″ Re-Issue Out Now

Suspect-Packages have a new release in their re-issue series of 12 inches. First up was the classic Britcore anthem Untitled by Hardnoise, and in advance of the Recognition album release Disorda has lined up the Demon Boyz Vibes as a 12 inch which will include both the original and an unheard 1990 remix as well as Northside on the flip.

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