Official Recordings

Official Recordings is a Bristol, UK based collective that has been around since 2010. The record label was established in May 2017 by Wish Master in St Pauls, Bristol. AKA O.R Records the label has become a central hub for various artist and genres and creatives.

The label now has a roster of artists from all over the country, also boasting Glock and Tacaveli from Bristol, Matey Boy and Skinny Tallss from Portsmouth, DJ / producer Billy Whizz from the Midlands and Danja and B Wun from Exeter and Devon. The label has also added Datkid and Illinformed to the touring roster.

Genres coved by the label include Hip Hop, Neo soul, RnB and spoken word.






Address: Bristol, UK

Artist Roster: Wish Master, Ellis, Dash Villz, Van Dam, Glock, Tacaveli, Matey Boy, Skinny Tallss, Billy Whizz, Danja, B Wun, Datkid, Illinformed,

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