Potent Funk

Potent Funk is a consistently dope London based label brought to us by the head honcho Dabbla. Over the years and number of artists have joined to swell the ranks and a series of classic releases have been delivered.


Website: https://www.potentfunk.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/potentfunk

Email: info@potentfunk.com




Artist Roster: Problem Child, LDZ, Dabbla, Sumgii, Illaman, Dubbledge, Frosty, Pierre Green, Ben Official, Baileys Brown, Dolenz,

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Snowy X Sumgii - Impulse

Snowy X Sumgii – Impulse [Video]

Known as 'Nottingham's Saviour' for many reasons, Midlands madman Snowy makes his debut with 'Impulse', one of two singles produced by label kingpin Sumgii. Seemingly random keys and a fast working hi-hat allow Snowy to explore whether it is better to have a plan or just act in the moment.

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