Riddim Killa

Label set up by Rodney P in colaboration with Low Life Records. Big Tings We Inna!!

Website: https://rkpprime.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RodneyPUK/

Email: rkpprime@gmail.com

Phone: +44 7932 521922


Address: 19 Devonshire St., London, W1N 1FS

Artist Roster: Rodney P, The Sea, Dobie,

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Rodney P

Rodney P

"If people are telling the story of hip hop in the UK, that means that my name has to get called up, and that has been good for me, as a lot of people have been trying to tell the story this yearÂ…"

Klashnekoff Performance At The Gramophone Bar 29th November

Klashnekoff Performance At The Gramophone Bar 29th November

The Gramaphone Bar was nearly at full capacity when Stylah and fellow Poisonous Poets, Tony D and Reveal walked on stage with their collection of tracks to perform. They started with a group track 'Here I Am' which got the crowd ready for the rest of the heat that the Poets were about to unleash. Stylah performed 'Snips In The Mix' though without the ever poisonous DJ Snips and the energy was accelerated.

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