Room2 Records

Established in 2013, Room2 Records is a Manchester based collective and record label with a distinctly unique flavour. The label are committed to giving the underground Hip-Hop scene an elevated platform on which to release their work.

The name relates to the second room at a club where more experimental and off-key music can be heard.







Artist Roster: Flex The Foreigner, Voodoo Black, Cul De Sac, Kydro, Chris Amor, Deepo,

Cheech - Cheyenne

Cheech – Cheyenne [Video]

Cheech comes with a severely emotional offering which is dedicated to Joe Smith (Cheyenne/Arch Stanton). This catalogue of memories with Cheyenne tugs at your heart strings and shows Cheech's feelings and knowledge of his friend. A true eulogy and tribute to one who is missed.

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