Self Destruct

Individual Minds producer and DJ, Itch 105.15 FM DJ and Mud Fam member, Flip also runs his own label: Self Destruct Music. Artists on the label include Supar Novar, Unkle Festa and IDM.




Phone: 020 7636 3606


Address: 19 Devonshire St., London, W1N 1FS

Artist Roster: Individual Minds, DJ Flip, Unkle Festa, Mystro, Supar Novar, Mud Fam,



One of the most charismatic British mic wielders ever to grace a stage, Mighty MysDiggi never fails to impress with his brand of mischievous humour and energetic flows. With intriguingly titled new project Digmund Freud in the bag it seemed appropriate to get inside the head of the man.

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