Dec 19, 2002
Same Family Differerent Ball Bag

Coming outta South West / Wales this labels is set to make waves and open up the talents of that side of the country.

Home to Secondson, his now defunct Fleapit project (with Junior Disprol and Uppacut), Humurak D Gritty, Defisis, Beefeaters, Doyen and Cocka, DFXO, Sir Beans OBE, Mr Spleen, Clarity and Conrad Watts.

Website: http://www.sfdbrecords.com


Email: info@sfdbrecords.com



Address: Same Family Different Ball Bag

Artist Roster: Fleapit, DXFO, Junior Disprol, Secondson, Uppacut, Humurak D Gritty, Defisis, Beefeaters, Doyen and Cocka, Sir Beans OBE, Mr Spleen, Clarity, Conrad Watts,

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Secondson - Debt Metal MP3 [SFDB]

Secondson – Debt Metal MP3 [SFDB]

Fusing live instruments with samples, breaks and Secondson's extensive synth collection, this project was created for a film soundtrack, and has only seen the light of day thanks to the kind folks at the production house (Peace Attack Records) that commissioned the work. You know Secondson has been doing this for years and so has the skills to put together a quality soundscape.

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