Street Legal

This is the official home of UK rap legend Doyen-D. Street Legal Music is his introduction to the world as not only a performer but as a label owner.

This dream has been realised after 14 years of hard work and 5 strong independent releases within the last 3 years. At SLM they aim to bring you quality cutting edge British music unavailable any where else.

Some labels will always be afraid to take chances, here Street Legal acts speak freely and make their own decisions without fear of internal censorship. Street Legal aim to give value for money and most importantly they hope to entertain.

These are humble beginnings Street Legal hope to grow with our fans and critics. Street Legal will achieve nothing without your support and interest, we appreciate your time.




Phone: 07810226285


Address: P.O Box 3191, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, S11 8WZ

Artist Roster: Doyen D,

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