Tea Sea Records

Tea Sea Records is producer Tom Caruana‘s child. Founded in 2007 and several releases deep the label is showing a strong ability to source quality artists and releases.

Website: https://tea-sea-records.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teasearecords/

Email: tom.j.caruana@gmail.com



Address: London, UK

Artist Roster: Tom Caruana, The Menagarie, Dr Syntax, Professor Elemental, Longusto, Son Of Sam, Wordsmiff FLIP, Klondike Kids, Boiler Room Collective,

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Tom Caruana - Grains

Tom Caruana – Grains [Video]

Originally from East Sussex, now based in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, Tom Carauna drops that funk / library music vibe with live multi-instruments for his twelve track Grains release. Including some previously released tracks as well as some new ones this is a dope collection of beats and demonstrates the talent within Tea Sea Records.

Tom Carauna - Lygate Blues

Tom Carauna – Lygate Blues [Video]

Tom Caruana shows of his exquisite taste and ability to produce effortless grooves and funky sounds. This is a twelve bar track that was put together at his college. He was setting his students the task of doing their own twelve bar tracks so thought he'd use this Lygate Blues as a demo.

Teach Em x Tom Caruana - Entree

Teach Em x Tom Caruana – Entree [Video]

Excellent wordplay from top female MC Teach Em. As with her name the lyrics are deep and designed to make you use your grey matter to fully get the concept. Sussex based producer and label owner Tom Caruana provides the backing. Entree is taken from Tom Caruana's eighteen track album Brewing Up which is released on Tea Sea Records.

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