We Stay True

We Stay True is a fully independent London based label doing business since 2010. Run by DJ / Producer / Engineer Mr Brown, they have a slew of heavyweight acts and a number of heavy releases behind them.

Website: http://westaytrue.com/






Artist Roster: Mr Brown, Oblique Strategies, Cappo, Armed Dukes, Mo Fingaz, The Cromagnon Band, DJ Drinks, Confucius MC,

Mo Fingaz - Ghost Train

Mo Fingaz – Ghost Train [Video]

Raised in Bath, based in London Mo Fingaz' 'Ghost Train' is taken from the We Stay True compilation album 'Assembly'. For this one Mo has thrown it all into the mix for a bumping lo-fi instrumental. There is a 12-bit crunchy feel along with the eerie analogue samples a reverbed beat and vocal sample to top it off.

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