Wolftown Recordings is an independent hip-hop label based in Wolverhampton, England. It was founded in May 1999 by Late and Tricksta.  This label is also affiliated with the Rago magazine.

Website: http://web.archive.org/web/20020930131004/http://www.wolftown.co.uk/


Email: tricksta@wolftown.co.uk



Address: PO Box 1668, Wolverhampton, England, WV1 4GH

Artist Roster: Villains, MC Late, Tricksta, IMD, Proffesah 194, Vicious Circle, Wolftown Committee,

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Deeze – The Re-Birth CD [Wolftown]

Most of you will already know Deeze’s name from his previous two releases, ‘The Pre-Turn’ hosted and mixed by Tricksta from UK Runnings and his last release ‘The Re-Turn’. Deeze has already been making noise with radio support coming from the likes of HHB Radio and Ram Jam Radio as well as getting blazing reviews all the leading Hip-Hop websites such as Rago Magazine, Hip-Hop Kings, Stand Up UK, 100 Per Cent UK, UKHHF, From Tha Gutta, Mixtapez Matter, Worldwide-Grind, Certified Banger and many more.

Late from Wolftown

Late from Wolftown

We have been cataloguing Late's career on this site and have seen his profile grow, as well as observing the expansion of his Wolftown partnership with Tricksta. Now, Aidan Severs has a few words with Late to find out about his US link ups and discuss his latest release, his solo LP - Below Street Level. Read on to find out more.

Tricksta Presents UK Runnings - National Anthems Part Two CD [Wolftown]

Tricksta Presents UK Runnings – National Anthems Part Two CD [Wolftown]

The UK’s number one mixtape DJ is back once again. Hot on the heels of Tricksta’s last ‘UK only’ mixtape ‘The Urban Shop Mix’, comes Part Two to the success ‘National Anthems Mixtape’ that he dropped last summer. Once again it features the cream of the crop including some unreleased material by the likes of Akala, Conman, Late, Reveal, Baby Blue, Big Wayne, Swift It Major, Mr. Ti2bs and Size8 from Vicious Circle, as well as contributions from the likes of Sway, Klashnekoff, MD7, Mike GLC, Kyza, Lowkey, Alex Blood and Def1.

Late Presents Underground Exposure - Wreckless In Texas 2 - Hosted by Trae CD [Wolftown]

Late Presents Underground Exposure – Wreckless In Texas 2 – Hosted by Trae CD [Wolftown]

Following on from Late's superb first volume hosted by Chamillionaire, Late continues to represent the 'Lone Star State' once more, this time with a collection of twenty eight tracks in the mix hosted by Trae from Rap-A-Lot Records and ABN. There's a great deal of great music on this mixtape and all starts with Hawk's 'H Town Stomp' anthem followed by Trae's single 'Swang' which features Fat Pat and Hawk.

Late Presents Underground Exposure 5 - Coast 2 Coast Grindin (Hosted by Lil Tec) CD [Wolftown]

Late Presents Underground Exposure 5 – Coast 2 Coast Grindin (Hosted by Lil Tec) CD [Wolftown]

The story of how Late & Lil Tec come to do this mixtape is a sad one. For those deep Wolftown fans you'll have probably heard of Lil Tec spit on 'The Thug & The Villain' on Late's 'Villainous One' release a few years back. This collobo was hooked up by the late great American mixtape genius Big Gee Damme who sadly passed away just after mixing his mix for Wolftown entitled 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

LATE 'The UK Rapper' Is Back With Avengence

Late ‘The UK Rapper’ Is Back With Avengence

For those of you who have been sleeping, I just wanted to give you all a gentle nudge about LATE from the legendary UK rap group VILLAINS and WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE! Not many rappers in the UK have been actively releasing music since 1999. This man has fans from Japan, to Australia, Dity South, New York, West Coast, Canada, Scandinavia and even Africa. He has built a strong fanbase since he started his career.



This guy really needs no introduction. Repping UK Hip-Hop since 1986, he’s gone from working in a record shop to running a label, PR company, online magazine, to being a producer, DJ and parent… Anna Nathanson meets Tricksta

Late from Wolftown

Late from Wolftown

Late is one half of the Villains and along with Tricksta runs Wolftown, one of the most prolific labels out of the Midlands. Now he is branching out and flexing his US connections and is releasing his own mix CDs which he has compiled. Check out what he had to say to Naomi aka Yummyness...

10 Shott

10 Shott

‘One of the best British emcee’s to date’ is the words HHC Magazine chose to describe rapper, singer, songwriter and producer 10Shott. Since he debuted all those years ago with the now classic ‘Bagged Out’ album with his crew Vicious Circle, 10Shott has really put himself on the UK Rap map with support on Kiss FM, HHB Radio, BBC 1Xtra, Galaxy FM and Conspiracy Radio.

Vicious Circle - 10 Shott

10 Shott – Ghetto Brick Road CD [Wolftown]

Wolverhampton record label WOLFTOWN RECORDINGS has been pumping out quality music since 1999. Now Wolftown Recordings unleashes the first of a string of CD releases by VICIOUS CIRCLE’s ‘10SHOTT’. It’s time to step to take a journey on the Ghetto Brick Road with one of the UK’s tightest and most talented emcees. 10SHOTT began rapping in the mid-nineties and signed to Wolftown Recordings back in 1997


Reload – The Uphill Struggle CD [Inner City Productions]

Wolverhampton is rapidly becoming known as a Mecca for UK urban music with a whole string of artists currently making noise; LATE, 10SHOTT, BIG WAYNE, TRICKSTA, VICIOUS CIRCLE, CONMAN, SIZE8, VILLAINS, JAI BOO, WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE, LEE DEE, HIGH TIMEZ, A1, STAXX, DJ SPRINGA, HIGHER STAKES, GOLDIE and BEVERLEY KNIGHT amongst others. Now comes another name to add to the ‘Wolverhampton Hall Of Fame’… At the tender age of sixteen comes an emcee with bags of potential and skill. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for RELOAD… 

Vicious Circle

Vicious Circle

Some UK rap fans out there feel uncomfortable when references are made to street life, crime and drugs in UK hip hop music. Which is strange when you think about it. Because crime is rife in many estates in the UK, looming over young lives daily with hands holding juicy fruits of temptation. Young rappers such as 10 Shott & Size 8 feed off what they see around them as a base to launch their rhymes from.

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