Aaron James Cashell

Born and raised in the North East of England Aaron James Cashell is one of my home town’s biggest rising RnB artists. With music sincerely from the heart and a perfect attitude to put his best into every track he releases it’s only right he got some spot light this month at British Hip Hop. So enjoy this interview, Aaron is definitely an artist to watch out for in 2008!

How long have you been pursuing your musical gift?

Aaron James Cashell: Well been singing since I was a kid so guess been wanting to have as a profession since I was young but now I am confident in talents to be success and hopefully my music will connect with people in a positive way.

Your dad was a boxer yeah? What was that like for you as a child? Did he not want you to follow in his footsteps?

Aaron James CashellAaron James Cashell: Me, box never (laughs) No my dad is tough from a young age he show me & my sister how to look after ourselves and I do actually box to keep fit and do the whole sparing too so if you see me with a black eye you know where I have got it from (laughs) but my dad has always supported what I wanted to do and he loves my music so he is happy with the career I have taken.

Of all the tracks you have recorded to date which is the most meaningful to your self and why?

Aaron James Cashell: My most meaningful track is PEACE which I have taking off my myspace, so I can rerecord it as its a few years old now, well peace means a lot to me as its about my parents break up, when they argued I used to sit in my bed room and turn my music it, I think I was listening to Maxwell when I started to write the lyrics to it. I personally think its my best track too!

Is there an album planned?

Aaron James Cashell: Yeah the album is half way finished with me doing the whole promo tour thing I have had less time in the studio but with Xmas around the corner we needed to get a move on so currently in the studio now…..FINGERS CROSSED it will be done for January 28th.

You have your own street team yeah? How did you put that together and give us a break down of what it is a street team actually do?

Aaron James Cashell: I am still sorting my street team out now so if you’re interested GET AT ME (laughs). Well I am looking to release my first single in mid January 2008 so preparing now. What a street team does is hit the street handing flyers about your up and coming Releases, concerts & PA's basically what every you do they will inform people of it so to me they are a big part of an artist’s success.

Now you like my self are from the North of England, do you feel there is enough support where we are for aspiring artists like yourself?

Aaron James CashellAaron James Cashell: I think there is as Newcastle ain’t the biggest scene for R&B music. I have found alot of support for my music which I am very very thankful for, Newcastle fans are loyal.

You recently took a trip to Dubai that was music related right? Did you make any progress?

Aaron James Cashell: Yeah Dubai was a great trip we done the radio promo over there and I am the fastest CD / Poster giveaway artist they have had this year with in two minute the CD's were gone, apparently It took Robbie Williams a hour to get rid of his stuff, so I feel really proud about the success I had there, I will be back to Dubai hopefully soon I meet a lot of decent people there and the country is so stunning.

Your music is very soulful and truly heartfelt, where do you get the inspiration for your tracks?

Aaron James Cashell: You know what my dad asks me that all the time and I really don’t know I just start singing and words just come (laughs), but I do seem to write about my past relationships and family etc my track "Dwell" is about one of my ex girl friends.

What can the fans expect from Aaron James Cashell in 2008?

Aaron James Cashell: 2008 you will see my first single "YouMe" drop in January and hopefully if I work hard enough we will see a long successful career form (laughs).

Any shouts?

Underground Promotions UKAaron James Cashell: Yeah big shout to all my supporters and fans for their support and I hope to see you all at my shows next year… Thank you thank you thank you.

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Aaron James Cashell

Aaron James Cashell

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