Affyzzle And Triple S

For 23 year-old James “Affyzzle” Affolaby and Stephen “Triple S” N’guessan, Hip-Hop has always been more than just Music; it’s a culture, a lifestyle, an everyday hustle. When they first met at the end of the 90’s back in their home country (Ivory Coast, West Africa), they were just young High School students with a common passion for the art of rhyming. Since then they have made a lot of progress moving to the US and linking with some big names. Danielle chatted with them to find out more.

Who are Affyzzle & Triple S?

Affyzzle And Triple S: Affyzzle and Triple S are two independent hip-hop artists signed to the independent label Cle De Sol Entertainment.

You are originally from the Ivory Coast but currently reside in the USA, how did such a big move come about?

Triple S: I was born and raised in Abidjan, the Capital of the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), in West Africa. After graduating from high school, I moved to San Antonio, Texas to go to college. I guess music follows me wherever I go!

Affyzzle: Ambition! Since I was 13-14, I’ve realized that if I ever wanted to fulfil my dreams, then I would have to move to the USA. There is no place in the world that can give you as much exposure as the USA when it comes to music and business.

Affyzzle And Triple S

What is the Hip Hop scene like on the Ivory Coast?

Affyzzle: The Ivorian Hip Hop scene doesn't cross the borders of the country. Just a few Ivorian rappers made it to France but still, their movement isn't that big overseas. They've got talent but they need to work more on promoting their materials.

Triple S: In the Ivory Coast, rappers and MC’s are great, however they stay encapsulated. By so, I mean: there are potentially great artists, but they have very little to no knowledge at all on how to get out there and be taken seriously.

How did you link up with Cle De Sol Ent?

Affyzzle: I've always been around Cle De Sol Ent which was founded by my older brother GUYMAN. Back in the days, when Cle De Sol Ent was trying to sell beats, my brother used to send them to me so I could give my opinion and also record on it; it helped him having another vision of the track. I basically recorded on every Cle De Sol beat that had been sold to other artists and most of the time, my record was better than theirs. When I hooked up with Triple S, me and him killed all the tracks that Cle De Sol Ent was selling to rappers. Next thing you know, they've signed us.

Triple S:
For me, it all started when I met Affyzzle in high school. He gave me this music software, called Ejay, where you can make beats and record on. Then the chemistry formed; I met up with other members, Bone C and Guyman the CEO who is also Affyzzle’s older brother. It’s been close to seven years and we're standing stronger than ever.

Your latest mixtape release was hosted by the world famous DJ Smallz, what was that like for you?

Affyzzle And Triple S: Another step in the industry. This Is Not The Irish Flag 1 (TINTIF 1) was seen as a classic by our fans! so it was only right to get a DJ like Smallz for the volume 2. TINTIF 1 and 2 are just a little taste of what we really have to offer, and we are currently working hard on some new material.

Tell us about the latest single Louis Girl?

Affyzzle And Triple S: Louis Girl is a straight up banger. It features New Orleans rapper Déjà Vu. You can get it on iTunes.

It’s been playing in the clubs, on radios around the world, and everytime we perform it in front of a crowd people go crazy! We got a video coming soon, so watch out for it.

Affyzzle And Triple S

What are your views on the current Hip Hop market?

Triple S: Hip Hop is a culture rapidly turning into a business. To survive in this game you gotta be business savvy, its 80% business and 20% skills and talent. I have seen and heard great artists with impeccable music. The only problem is they don’t know how to market it. Nowadays with great marketing skills, you could almost literally sell a blank disc…

Affyzzle: I Cannot agree more… Nowadays it's all about promotion and image. The Hip Hop market is 1000 times more diversified than it was 10 years ago. Moreover, thanks to the internet, anybody can get exposure. There is definitely more competition in this current hip hop market and I LOVE THAT!

What's next on the list for your guys?

Triple S: The city, the state, the country, the world. We work really hard. We can't count on no one else but ourselves. We pay for everything we need, book our own shows and distribute our own music.

Affyzzle: Kora Awards, BET Awards, MTV Awards, and so on.

Where can fans check you out?

Affyzzle: You can log on to our official website:, it is updated with all our new music and more.Follow us on twitter @affyzzle for me and @thisistriples for Triple S.

Triple S: Make sure to follow us on Facebook too!

Any Shout's?

Affyzzle And Triple S: Shout out to our fans all over the globe! We love y’all to Cel De Sol Ent and our people Underground Promotion UK.

Underground Promotion UKBy: Danielle Fear
For British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Affy1zzle And Triple S

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