Thiam stands still for no man. London, December, one Saturday evening in 2008: BHH was invited to the plush Sanderson Hotel in Central London for the launch of the Maranello V8 watch range. Akon aka Aliaune Thiam has teamed up with Swiss watch makers Maranello to design a range of high octane watches alongside the beautiful Awe Mazzocchi president / designer.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2004 with his debut album Trouble, he has enjoyed a fast rise to the top. The son of an African musician Akon is living his dream and taking over the world of music.

BHH got the chance to catch up with Akon and find out what is happening for him Right Now (Na Na Na).

BHH: How did you come about your venture with Maranello?

AkonAkon: We [Akon and Awe Mazzocchi] both have a passion for watches and cars. The concept itself came from the Ferrari. The watch represents Ferrari's class and movement. Maranello is very successful in Europe – Italy so we wanted to bring it to the States where it has been very successful since the launch.

What's your favourite song on the album?

Akon: I love them all. If I didn't love them they would not have made the album.

BHH:Can you tell us the deal with Sway?

Akon: Sway has just released his last independent album, the next album will be for Konvict. The aim is to polish his sound up and make him more international and give him the guidance I've always thought he needed.

BHH: Are you going to change his style?

Akon: No, that's exactly what I don't want to do. He will still be representing the UK

BHH: How do you think the US market will receive him?

Akon: They are going to buy into him, he's a real emcee. The challenge is going to be understanding his accent because it is so deep but over time all of that will play itself out.


BHH: What are your plans for 2009?

Akon: To make sure my clothing line Aliaune is running properly and to make sure that Maranello is on the stands worldwide.

For more info check out the website:http://www.maranellowatch.ch.
The watches range from £1500- 75000 and are exclusively available at Tamba 13 Kings Road, Chelsea.
Akon’s Album Freedom is also available at all good retailers.

By: Jemma Capleton

Maranello Watches

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