Asaviour is a unique proposition with a very identifiable and individual style. Having released classics on Low Life and YNR, he now has his own series of mixtapes being released on his own imprint – Saving Grace. Sam Bradshaw caught up with him to find out what has been going down with Asaviour…

Ok, for those who’ve been living under a rock, can you introduce yourself please!

Asaviour: It’s Savvy aka Asaviour I’m a hip producer / emcee from North of England namely Huddersfield, I’ve worked with the likes of Jehst, Yungun Kyza, DJ IQ, TB, Konny Kon, Verb T, Kashmere, LG and many others, I’ve released an EP called Savoir-Faire and an Album called The Borrowed Ladder on Low Life Records. A single called Money In The Bank the remix which featured Yungun and Kyza on YNR Productions and currently about to release the second installment in the Play To Win series on my own label Saving Grace Music.

Now you’ve been doing your thing as a solo artist for a while now but just lately you've manifested an onslaught of sharp ground breaking material for the UK scene, have you been in the studio constantly?

AsaviourAsaviour: Well yeah really, I had to “lock off” and concentrate on the sound I wanted to make rather than just going with the flow. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the hip hop that comes out of this country but it does lack an identity at times. I’m not boom bap or grimey or trying to mimic stuff from our US counterparts, I just wanna make what sounds right to me.

Coz I think we’ve pretty much moved on from British emcees sounding like American rappers but we haven’t totally got over British producers sounding like American producers.

Oh yeah if you’re an emcee singer (a good one that is) and you’re looking for beat hit me up on: I’ll do you a good price.

You’ve been working with the baby god aka DJ IQ, a serious talent flexing his production skills lately, bit of a heavy partnership going on?!

Asaviour: Yeah man we’ve produced and album together called the A Loop Theory, its real BIG!! I’m really happy with it. We share a similar view on music as a whole but not so much so that were biting each other, we respect each others slants and perspective on hip hop and I think that what’s allowed us you do what we’ve done.

He’s a real talent man he represents a freash way of looking at this music, his musical perspective is not polarised like a lot of artists, he’s not the type of producer to tell you what hip hop is or isn’t and that’s one of the keys to his success I think.

Now for me the Play To Win, vol. 1 and the Borrowed Ladder have been two of the best albums on the UK scene for the past couple of years but your back again so soon with another installment of the Play To Win saga, that cant have been much sleep for you or IQ?!

AsaviourAsaviour: I’ll sleep when I’m eating right innit! Just gotta keep pushing through really I was happy with the reaction to the album and the mixtape, they’ve both created a stepping stone up to the next level for me. Whereas the first mixtape was more of a snapshot of a few years leading up to my album. This new mixtape is a showcase of what’s to come, i.e. The new album I have with IQ, and my new production album called NextSkool Klassiks.

The album boasts a array of razor tongued talent from the UK with the likes of Ric Branson, Jehst, Sir Smurf Lil, Last Skeptik, Verb T, Dubbledge, Yungun, Micall Parknsun and more! Its safe to say your at the forefront of the scene now, your development as an artist has been colossal?!

Asaviour: Cheers man! All I’ve always wanted to do is to keep developing and improving as an artist, everybody I’ve worked with I have a huge respect for not only as artist’s but as people. My focus right now within in the scene is to be one of the front runners, bringing something to the table other artist may not… whether people like it? Fingers crossed eh!?

How pleased are you with the Play To Win series is there more to come?

Asaviour: Can’t lie I know I killing 'em right now lol! The new Play To Win CD, lets heads know about shit on a whole new level, its gonna whet the appetites of even the most ardent Savvy hater. I’ve got some ideas for the next volume but right now its all about The A Loop Theory then NextSkool Klassiks.

Are you sitting on tracks 'cos it seems that your constantly creating new things, you and IQ bouncing off each other?!

Asaviour: I got a few bangers on stash, but I’m making the transition from a beat maker to a producer and in doing that you realise its not just rapping any beat lying around you gotta know when something’s right for yourself or another rapper, singer, poet whatever, I try and keep shit fresh so I’m always be trying to come up with something new but to be honest handling you business eats up so much of you day its hard even to get into the studio for any serious amount of time.

IQ and I bounce ideas off each other but what helps is that we look at tracks from different angles but yet we understand were each others coming from and we meet somewhere in the middle.

Asaviour and DJ IQ

So, next up it’s the A-loop Theory and NextSkool Klassics.

Asaviour: Yeah, its all about “The A – Loop Theory and NextSkool Klassiks.

Tell us a bit more about them, is there no end to the creativity?

Asaviour: Well The A Loop Theory is a collaboration album by myself and DJ IQ, it’s a leap forward for us as artists and it represents the direction I want to go with my music, we’ve tried to push boundaries and experiment with sounds you may or may not hear in a hip hop song but they seemed to work, We had a vision of a grander sound still we didn‘t wanna disappear brought in synths, instruments, samples and vocalists etc. It features artists like Kashmere, Kyza, TB, Dubbledge, Graziella, Thai Bo, Jehst, Verb T, it will be out later this year.

You showed off up and coming emcee TB on that, tell us a bit more about him?

AsaviourAsaviour: I don’t need to show that breda off! He takes care of himself, he’s the next to blow ,no joke. He’s straight outta East London and doesn’t have any competition, I don’t know any emcee from the streets that can fuck with him. He's so vivid with his story telling, no one can fuck with is flow (apart from me lol!) and is delivery is second to none there ain’t no one who sounds like him!!! He’s got a new mixtape called Beast From The East coming very soon, so people should go check for that fo' real!

Are you still in touch with the Northern hip hop scene which constantly seems to be evolving?

Asaviour: Yeah man right now I’m actually up North, I did a track with an up an coming group called the Herrotics in Manchester, I’m working with Apatight from my hometown Huddersfield on his production album which is gonna be huge! Still trying to lock down Double D Dagger for my production album and loads of other artists for different projects here and there.

The scene up north is constantly evolving and there are good nights springing up all over the place; Huddersfield, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield even further up like Newcastle, Scotland etc.

So, Saving Grace Music is a label of your own?

Asaviour: Yeah Saving Grace is my label, it was more of an imprint at first but as things develop I intend you bring a lot more of my own project and material of people I work with.

You seem to making your own path, but who still influences you or your style if there is anyone?

Asaviour: Nobody!……

Nah, jokes, everything man, I couldn’t tie it down to any one artist or thing, to be honest I don’t really know I could read a book, watch some weird Japanese art house flick, check an episode of East Enders and get some inspiration it don’t matter to me really.

I spoke to IQ a little while ago and asked him what music he was educating himself with lately and whether it was just pure hip hop, he said that he'd been getting into bit of electronic stuff like Daft Punk! Anything different / new been inspiring you lately?

AsaviourAsaviour: I listen to every thing really Daft Punk to Sue Jorge, Trex to Timbalaand, anything and everything, it’s the only way to master your craft! I also just got a bit bored of listening to just one genre of music for quite a few years now. End of the day there’s only two types of music… Good and Bad.

IQ's album launch party was pretty epic with the live instruments, anything like that lined up for the both of you in the future?

Asaviour: We’ll that’s we want to do all the time, but at the end of the day if the money ain't there we can’t bring the band. We’ll be doing smaller show across the country, IQ and I rocking jams on the wheels of steel and mic but them we’ll also be doing larger shows with the instruments at larger ventures that can accommodate us all.

What else can we expect from the tour de force that is Asaviour in the near future?

Asaviour: Chart success, film work, a clothing line, new production work on the Clipse albums. (spot the odd one out)

Anything else you’d like to say / mention and any shout outs?!

Asaviour: Yeah everybody buy Play To Win 2 and get ready for the A Loop Theory as were taking no prisoners! I’d like to say get ready for NextSkool Klassiks but don’t think you will be…

Big up to keep doing your thing yo, anybody that’s supported me so far on my magical journey through hip hop peace and blessings!

Peace Savvy.

By: Sam Bradshaw


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