B-Town are a trio from Newcastle upon Tyne making major noise in their area! With regular shows booked and a hugely successful debut Mix-tape B-Town are destined to blow up in 2008. Work is already underway on the album and new Mix-tape. Working alongside Def Jam producer Devon, it surely won’t be long before everyone has heard of B-Town!

Give us a breakdown of who B-Town are and what they represent?

B-Town: B-Town is a group from Newcastle, Byker… there are 3 of us… Orkhan, eL and Gil… but Gil is currently away from music for a bit because he is doing football professionally, there was rumours that Gil got kicked out of B-Town… none of that is true, he is still in the group and he is in couple of tracks in our upcoming mix tape The Interview, we represent ourselves, Teknicions Network and Crunk. if it wasn’t for Crunk and Devon we wouldn’t be where we are right now, they helped us a lot!.

Your first Mix-tape release was a massive success in our area, did you expect it to sell so well?

B-Town: The mix-tape was more for promotion, to get our name out in our area. We recorded four tracks and pressed 200 CDs to get some money for studio time and to get our name out there. And we sold all 200 CD’s in just two days!.. We’ve sent emails out to our fans and to all the people that listen to our music and let people know that we would be in town selling the CD’s… and people came and bought the CD’s. The CD was £3! We are really happy with that, we didn’t expect to sell the CD’s that quick.

What projects are you currently working on?

B-Town: We currently working on our official mix tape called The Interview which is produced by Devon and co-produced by Orkhan, which is already recorded, but it’s just getting mixed and mastered. But we got couple of problems with our budget… we doing key fund to press the mix tape. The mix tape got a little bit for everyone, there is different styles on the mix tape… we doing something different on there! Hopefully it will be out soon, so watch out for that one… the Mix-tape is fire!


You get involved with Crunk a lot, would you say the Crunk event is your main stage with regards to getting your music out there?

B-Town: Crunk is the way forward! Our first ever performance was at Crunk… and all the young people in Crunk loved it! Now, whenever we perform at Crunk we always get love from the young people. If it wasn’t for Crunk, all the young kids out there in the North East that listen to hip hop wouldn’t know us. Crunk helped us with a lot of things and they still helping us with things we need.

What are your views on Hip Hop within Newcastle?

B-Town: You know… Newcastle got its own lil scene now! There are a lot of upcoming artists out there. We are 100% sure that Newcastle will blow up soon and the whole UK will know that Newcastle got talent as well. And there are some really good songs and mix tapes are getting made! There are artist like Silver, Toni Marie, Kriss P, Sas, KC2fresh, Pure Harmony, Young Rydaz are doing their thing in Middlesbrough. Supanice. There are a lot… watch out for all of them. We just need our local DJ’s to play the music that is from Newcastle, because most of music that is getting played in clubs is from USA, and some from London, we need people to support our scene, play our music on local radios. If we help each other then we can make it big.

You also like to produce your own music right Orkhan?

Orkhan: Yeah I do, I’ve produced our first Promo mix tape, and I co-produce on our upcoming Mix tape The Interview and produced two tracks on Crunk’s album “Out of Many We are One”. I’ve been producing for about two years now. Right now I do music production in Newcastle College. And I’m working on my own Promo Production CD to get my name out there as a producer too. Im working with people like Sas, Roozy, KC2Fresh, and hoping to work with many more.


What was it like working with Devon (Def Jam DJ)?

B-Town: Oohh man, it’s amazing, we’ve learned a lot from him! When we say a lot, we mean it… we really stepped our game up with Devon, he taught us a lot of things and taught Orkhan about production and he is still working with us and teaching us the things we don’t know, every second next to him is a learning process. Devon is a really clever guy, he is fast learner him self!. He is amazing at production and he is an amazing DJ. Look out for him, he’ll be a big producer / DJ in the UK and Worldwide.

Where do you aim to be in five years time?

B-Town: Obviously we want to get to the top and success in our music in the UK and worldwide. We do music cos we love it. So we hope to get our name out everywhere!

You are originally from Portugal and Azerbaijan right? Is there a big Hip Hop following over there? Do either of you return home much?

eL: Portugal got a big hip hop scene, there are a lot artists out there doing their thing in Portugal. And I try go home (Portugal) every summer.

Orkhan: In Azerbaijan the hip hop scene isn’t that big, but there are rappers out there doing their thing too and I haven’t been home for 6 years now.


You had a feature on the local news not so long ago, what was it like having your face out there for the region to see?

B-Town: It was really good, cos it’s a lot for us, it’s a great feeling because you know that there is people reading about you or listening to you or watching you. The more we get on papers, radio, TV then more people know about us.

Any Shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKB-Town: We want to give shout out to our parents, to all Teknicions Network, Crunk and Crunkerz, to all of our friends and people that supported us and our music, and of course to people that listen and like our music, to our fans!

By: Danielle

Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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