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Wednesday, 26 February 2020
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Beat Butcha
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Written by Esh   
Sunday, 05 April 2009
Beat ButchaIf there’s one person making beats over here that you need to know about it’s Beat Butcha. This man is on fire, cranking out a seemingly endless series of ill beats with styles varying between jazzy R&B joints with D.ablo to electronic grimyness with artists like Ghetto (check ‘So Damn Dedicated’).

His repertoire reads like a who’s who of UK hip-hop and it doesn’t stop there. He’s getting worldwide attention and with good cause. I tried to get some sense out of the hip-hop Al Murray.

Introduce yourself…

Beat Butcha:
Mein name ist Beat von Butchousen aka Beat Butcha, reppin the Halal Beats green flamingo, brukkup, Caravan Gang and Saturday Night in Frankfurt, I am a true legend in the game. If you haven’t heard of me, you better check your favorite limited edition 10"s by Phil Collins, Wham & Gary Glitter…

What was your first experience of hip-hop?

Beat ButchaBeat Butcha:
I was in the car with my mutti on our way to school and we used to listen to hip hop classics like 'pass the dutchie pan dee left hand side', which was a huge hit in Holland due to its reference to the dutch pot…

How long you been making beats?

Beat Butcha:
Almost 10 years...

What is your process for making beats?

Beat Butcha:
Usually I bash a weasel ‘til it squeaks, that’s pretty much the process... Naw usually I’ll hear sumthing that inspires me, it could be a hip-hop record or an old record I wanna sample and that’ll set me off. I don’t really have one process, it gets boring if you keep the same formulas and ways of doing things.

What equipment do you use?

Beat Butcha:
I have an MPC 2500, various synths, stack of wax, a SPL12 and COOL EDIT...

Who are your (beat making) influences?

Beat Butcha:
Damn, that’s a hard one... I'm influenced by a lot of people, my original inspirations were Preem, Havoc, Pete Rock, Large Pro etc... But nowadays I’m a big fan of Chemo and Stock Aitken & Waterman...

…as well as the obvious ones like Black Milk, Madlib, DJ Khalil, Focus and of course the late great Jay Dee...

What projects you got coming? (features etc.)

Beat Butcha:
Tons, be on the lookout for ish with my fam out in the Netherlands (Ciph Barker & MOD), as well as ish on forthcoming albums by Jehst, Smurf, Kyza & Skriblah.... also be on the lookout for US work of mine with Lil E (Cold Summers Ent.), Regiment (from Detroit), Wordsworth (EMC / Lyricist Lounge) and many more...

Beat Butcha

What is your opinion of UK hip-hop?

Beat Butcha:
I love a lot of UK hip hop music and there’s a lot of talent, but the scene has a hard time moving forward because the scene is too bitchy, people are unorganized and way too small minded... and obviously the UK music industry doesn’t understand it...

Who in hip-hop shouldn't release records?

Beat Butcha:
I'm not gunna say anyone shouldn’t release records because at the end of the day every shit release makes me look better lol...

If you had more money would you have a bigger profile?

Beat Butcha:
Strange question but yeah I would love to get a bigger profile coz at the end of the day your name is your CV, I’d love to work with people like T.I., Busta & Ludacris...

What's your opinion of downloading's effect on the industry?

Beat ButchaBeat Butcha:
Its killing artists, I mean where do you draw the line. Ain’t gunna front like I ain’t downloading ish but 9/10 its stuff I just wanna hear whether its good and if it is I’ll buy it but when I see things like the Redmaster album and Triple Darkness on people’s blogspots available for download when I know we ain’t even sold enough copies to recoup it makes me feel sick coz people are bootlegging shit by new artists that don’t even have a chance to build any profits from building a name...

Obama for Prezident?

Beat Butcha:
Just coz dude is black doesn’t mean he's gunna make America any better, they need a free healthcare system... that’s my view...

What's your favourite kind of biscuit?

Beat Butcha:
The flute playin kind lol... pause.

Conspiracy theories?

Beat Butcha:
Timmy Mallet is Adolf Hitler re-incarnated...

What is your political world view?

Beat Butcha:
The world is damned politically, make your money and help people you love...

Did you enjoy the Olympics?

Beat Butcha:
Nope I hate any sports that don’t involve hummus...

Shouts to...

Beat Butcha:

By: Esh | For international hip-hop:

Beat Butcha

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