Big Game Huntaz

The Big Game Huntaz are a trio from Tallahassee, Florida who who have links with UGK and who are grinding with their Mindstate Of A Winner mixtape. Check out what they had to say to Danielle when she spoke to them recently.

Tell us a little about Big Game Huntaz?

Big Game Huntaz: We have three members in our group Skinny Bolo, Balla Dolla and Whitey. We currently live in Tallahassee, Florida and were an indie label.

Tell us about your new release 'Mindstate Of A Winner'?

Big Game HuntazBig Game Huntaz: We call it a mixtape album because the songs are not freestyles and not all the tracks are industry tracks. It's not something we threw together in a couple of weeks, we really want this album to hit people and leave a mark when they hear it. We put our all into this project and made it right and worth the wait. Through working with Trill Promotions we have been able to get some features for the mixtape from UGK Records artists Big Bubb (who also hosts the mixtape), Young T.O.E. and DJ B-DO. You can purchase the mixtape "Mindstate of a Winner" at

You only formed in 2005 so are I guess a relatively new group, how did you all meet?

Big Game Huntaz: We all knew each other for years and were all in another group together. Things didn't workout with them so we decided to form our own group being Big Game Huntaz. We became closer with one another now we look at each other as brothers, we worked hard, put in plenty of long hours and by the time we made our first mixtape we realized that the chemistry was undeniable. Ever since then we've been on the mash tryin' to get it.

Your first single ‘Why U Do It Like Dat’ was an instant underground hit, that must have been a great accomplishment for you but did you really expect it to go down as well as it did?

Big Game Huntaz: That was actually the first original beat that we bought as Big Game Huntaz. We finished the track just before the first Ozone awards show pressed it up along with our latest mixtape at that time got them out to everyone we came across and not long after that we were getting calls from South Florida and various other cities telling us that they were spinning the record on underground stations. Our latest single is "I'ma Get It" featuring Big Bubb of UGK Records. Its been getting a lot of attention on myspace and internet radio stations as well as various mixtapes that have been put out in the last few months it is also one of the songs chosen to be on Tim Hampton's new book / soundtrack "He Held His Own"

Big Game Huntaz and Big Bubb

It was also picked up by your High Schools, right, as a pep rally song?

Big Game Huntaz: Yeah one of our local high schools used to play it in their mix at their pep rallies.

Do you feel working alongside Trill Promotions has pushed you further than you may be now without them?

Big Game Huntaz: Oh yeah we definitely feel that Trill Promotions has contributed to where we are now and we look forward to continuing to work with them. They have opened up a lot of doors for us such as numerous DJ's putting us on their mixtapes to internet promotions to expanding our fanbase to collabs with various artists as well as getting us collabs with UGK Records artists. Trill Promotions also has a mixtape comming out called "Southern Streets" which we are featured on as well as the UGK Records family and a couple other groups so be sure to pick that up to at Trill Promotions keeps it TRILL.

Who influences your musical style?

Big Game Huntaz: Many of the Southern artists do, but the main influence would be the Underground Kings, Pimp C and Bun B. Some other influences are Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Z-Ro, 8Ball & MJG, the UGK Records Posse, and any of the underdogs out there thats jammin.

Are there any plans for an album some time soon?

Big Game Huntaz: We are slowly putting together our album, right now we're more focused on working on new mixtapes and collecting songs that we do here and there for our album. We have no date or plans for an album release as of yet.

You are quoted as saying, ‘you like to spend as much time in the studio as possible’, but when you do need to take a break how do you all like to relax?

Big Game Huntaz: When we aren't banging it out in the studio we're out trying to get money, selling our mixtapes trying to get it everyday. We aren't close to where we want to be at all so we can't relax how most of y'all do, we gotta grind.

Big Game Huntaz

What would be your idea of a dream collaboration and why?

Big Game Huntaz: Our dream collaboration would be with UGK – Bun B "R.I.P Pimp C". We have looked up to UGK for everything they've done and all the things that they went through and overcame, they define the word 'Underground King'.

Your music does seem to appeal to everyone, but in your own words define why you feel your music is picked up so often?

Big Game Huntaz: That's a good question, but we think its because we are diverse, we make music that a lot of people can relate to. It comes from our heart and we think people can feel that. We have gone through a lot as a group and have been told, "y'all will never make it", a countless number of times, but that only makes us work harder. From our first mixtape to now, we have progressed every time and plan on continuing to do so – thanks to all our fans for your support.

Any Shout’s?

Big Game Huntaz: First off we would like to thank the Lord for taking us this far and for putting us around some real people. Next we want to give a big shout out to Trill Chris "Trill Promotions" as well as Big Bubb of UGK Records for reaching out to us and showing us much love. Shout to Young Toe, DJ B-Do, XVII, Hezeleo, Bankroll Jonez, Ivory P and the rest of the UGK Records family and a huge shout out to Bun B – Pimp C Forever. Shout out to all our friends and family, Kingpin and the whole 8filthy – Tallahassee Florida, thanks to everyone who's helped us along the way and a big shout out to all ours fans we appreciate all of your support. Make sure you check out these myspace pages for new music and updates.

Underground Promotions UKBy: Danielle

Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Big Game Huntaz

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