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Mohammad Yahya and Abdul Rahman comprise the Muslim rap group Blind Alphabetz, so named because so many people are blind to the topics they sing about. Check out what they said to Lady Jay UK when she recently caught up with one half of the duo – Iron Braydz.

Lady Jay UK: The new album is Luvolution. Tell me about it.

Braydz: Luvolution is about LOVE for / of: Revolution, Evolution, and Solution.

Lady Jay UK: OK, explain please, why are they important to you?

Blind AlphabetzBraydz: Without the spark of a conscious Revolution in ourselves as human beings, we would NOT realise, or in some cases find it hard to take the next step which is Evolving from one thought pattern to another (or a change of lifestyle). In this case we changed our lifestyles for the better because it offered us Solution to all if not most of our problems and we've embraced that, we Love it. We've then put them all together with a Unified meaning, Luvolution.

It is important because it has helped us express ourselves in a way we wouldn't if we hadn't gone through those fazes.

Lady Jay UK: What’s the Blind Alphabetz vibe?

Braydz: Ultimately… You Decide.

We could say one thing and you (the listener) may not agree.

Lady Jay UK: Have you ever found you've done a track and people just haven't got it?

Braydz: A few times yes. That is why we did the Luvolution album in the style of "Easy Listening" or "Mellow-Hop" (that's what I call it).

We have a serious message embedded within that album and it would be a terrible waste if we had gone about it differently and no body got the drift of what we're saying.

We did our best to make the album title and song titles speak for themselves and I believe they did.

Lady Jay UK: Why call yourselves Blind Alphabetz?

Braydz: In our rhymes, we’d most of the time talk about things listeners wouldn’t know of or understand.

Some people may be metaphorically BLIND to the topics we express through the English ALPHABETZ.

Lady Jay UK: Who are you signed to?

Braydz: As Blind Alphabetz – Silent Soundz.

Lady Jay UK: What were your experiences of working with M1 of Dead Prez?

Blind AlphabetzBraydz: I absolutely respect M1 for his humbleness and the example he also set for us.

He turned to us and said “the main reason why I’m doing this is because of the man who helped me when I was in your position and it’s now your duty to do the same when your in mine”.

All round inspiring!

Lady Jay UK: You’ve supported some major hip hop artisits. Gimmie a run down…

Braydz: Rza – wu-tang clan (Braydz)
Guru – Gangtarr
M1- Dead Prez
Public Enemy (Braydz)
Nittin Sawhney (Braydz)
Saigon, etc…

Lady Jay UK: What’s been your biggest lesson so far?

Braydz: GOD is the best of planners and remain humble with whatever comes our way.

Lady Jay UK: Much of your work is very political. Why do you think that is important?

Braydz: We feel it is one of our duties to speak up against the wrong doers, just like our beloved prophets (peace be upon them all).

Lady Jay UK: Do you have any live performances coming up?

Braydz: April 11th at the Royal Festival Hall / Southbank Centre (free entry), Glasgow 29th march and Edinburgh 30th. Go to for the full details.

Lady Jay UK: What are your plans for the future?

Braydz: More shows and solo projects.

By: Jay Diamond | Tuesdays 10pm till Midnight | Check out my podcast for interviews.

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