Billy Carvelli, who is better known as simply 'Carvelli', is an Italian-Canadian producer, MC and entrepreneur who fuses his primary passion, hip hop, and his Italian heritage. The artist's music integrates strummed mandolin, violin, and euro-dance style synths with hip hop beats to his own rhymes. Carvelli has released two EPs, each with corresponding videos for the title tracks “Hooah” and “The Movement”. Now riding high with Whoa, check out what he had to say to Danielle.

Firstly give our readers a brief introduction to Carvelli and Carvelli records?

Carvelli: Carvelli Records is an Urban Italian label based in Canada, and I am the CEO and artist driving the label!

Which artists are currently signed to the Carvelli label?

Carvelli: We work with dozens of artists, we do recording, marketing, promotion. Right now we are putting an investment into Carvelli and The Italian Movement.

Carvelli records has been around for some years now, what made you want to get involved with the music business?

CarvelliCarvelli: I created the label in order to get my own music out. At the time we (artists) didn't have myspace or other sites like it to network and share our music with the world. So, in a sense, I didn't really have a choice. Either start the label and be taken seriously or hope my demo ends up in the lap of some A&R who was feeling it, and I'm not that type of person.

How would you define your own personal style of music?

Carvelli: My style is constantly evolving. If you listen to some of my older material, it was harder, more mob oriented. As I grow and mature, my music matures too. I have more fun with my music now, and my lyrics are a better reflection of who I am at this point in my life.

You have had some huge recognition in Canada! What's it like to be recognised on a major level yet still be pushing at an independent level?

Carvelli: Its been great to finally get some recognition! We've been working very hard for a long time, and we're not anywhere near done yet! It’s a lot of work being independent, but its very rewarding!

Any plans for world domination?

Carvelli: Absolutely! We won't stop until Carvelli records is known all over the world, and our music is played on every radio station and in every club!

The track recently released titled WHOA featured Rasheeda and TQ, that track has had a fantastic response! Did you expect such feedback for it?

Carvelli: Absolutely! We had a really good feeling about this song. Its a hot track! I don't think we really anticipated how well the song is doing internationally, but at the end of the day good music is undeniable!


Who else would you like to work with on a track one day?

Carvelli: Jay-Z would be crazy! There are a lot of artists though, J. Cole, Drake, and of course 50.

What is the Hip Hop scene like out in Canada right now? Is there a steady stream of talent?

Carvelli: Hip Hop in Canada is crazy right now. I think with the success that guys like Drake and Kardinal are having, its really opening up the doors for others to the mainstream.

What's next for Carvelli and Carvelli records?

Carvelli: We have a video on the way for WHOA, and we're about to hit the US top 40 radio with the single Whoa!

Any Shout's?

Underground Promotions UKCarvelli: I'd like to shout out Underground Promotion UK, my producer, Sean Kirby, TQ and Rasheeda and everyone at Carvelli Records! Ciao!

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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