Chima Anya

Bursting onto the scene with the sort of natural presence, soul and charisma sadly lacking in your run of the mill UK rapper type, Chima Anya has recently unleashed his debut album ‘New Day’. It’s about time we found out where he’s been hiding all these years!

You’re relatively new on the scene (or at least a new name to me) How long have you been making music and what got you involved?

Chima Anya: I’ve been making music since I was 13. I'm 25 now. I do it because I love it. I won't lie, I started off as an internet rapper, I wasn't surrounded by hiphop so the only place I could find it was on the net.

Your debut album ‘New Day’ is out now – can you tell us what it’s all about?

Chima Anya: It's a renaissance in Rap music basically. It's rooted in the substance and message of the golden years while simultaneously being fresh, creative and edgy. It's a New Day.

Are you pleased with the response the project has got so far?

Chima AnyaChima Anya: Yeah but I'm not gonna lie, it deserves a far bigger response.

Who handled the beats on the album?

Chima Anya: Astrosnare.

You’ve got Jehst and Soweto Kinch on there, how did these collaborations come about?

Chima Anya: I've known Soweto for time. We rocked mics together when I was studying in Birmingham . He's a real cool guy so when I asked him to be on the album he hooked me up straight! Jehst was more a business ting, I record in a studio he is in a lot, our paths bumped on a regular occasion, I was like I'm doing this project, can you rock with it? He said yes and now the track is a classic.

Who do you look up to in the UK scene? Any heroes?

Chima Anya: Blade. Dude was definition of the word grind and to this day is still grinding hard. Has a real sense of what’s fair and what isn't I respect that. Soweto Kinch – dude is most talented yet down to earth dude I know. I don't know anyone else well enough to consider them heroes or look up to them.

Many people say that Hip Hop in the UK is too matey and no one tells anyone they’re not good enough. What are your thoughts on the UK scene?

Chima Anya: Definitely man, too much nepotism. Look at the Death video for example, shits on most of whats out at the moment… yet you ain't got mans RTing it and hyping it like certain other artists. Real talk everyone who is about hiphop in the UK should have showed at least one other person that video. But na… they'd rather RT some other bullshit ass video and dry ass song cause it's their boy. But I ain't gonna dwell on negativity thats how the world works… it's all good just keep making my tunes I'm happy.

What US Hip Hop is floating your boat the moment?

Chima Anya: Samiyam / Flying Lotus / Preemo / Jay Z / Kanye West / B.O.B to name a few…

You’ve done a few high profile shows recently. What can people expect from you live?

Chima Anya - New DayChima Anya: Substance, swagger, style.

Who are your Top 5 favourite emcees of all time?

Chima Anya: Jigga
Big L
Early Nas (a very different entity from late Nas)
Slick Rick

If you could have any producer make you a beat who would it be?

Chima Anya: Preemo.

If you had to banish one genre of music from the world forever, what would it be?

Chima Anya: IF I HAD TO, not that I agree with this… but I don't like that noisy ass hard metal… you know the shit white supremacists always got on during their meetings?

What’s next for Chima Anya?

Chima Anya: Keep grinding man, album coming, mixtape coming, more shows… live each day as much as possible cause you never know what’s gonna happen.


By: Max Weldon

Chima Anya

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