It’s been a while since we had a real taste of St Louis rapper Chingy, but apparently a comeback is definitely under way. A new album is currently in the works and features production from one of today’s hottest producers “Bangladesh” who is currently praised for his work on Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” track.

Chingy originally from St Louis, but currently residing in Atlanta is internationally known for his extreme slang talk and the famous DTP on and off again relationship, but, he recently caught up with us to give us the low down on current projects and what’s been happening since we last heard from him.

How has life been treating you lately?

Chingy: Life has been great to me I'm bless to be doing what I was put here to do, which is my music and becoming an icon.

Where did the name Chingy come from?

Chingy: Chingy is a saying me and my homies came up with for wealthy people back in ‘98 and I decided to use it as my stage name.

Of all your albums which for you on a personal level has been the most successful and why?

Chingy: Well Jackpot was the more successful and Powerballin my second album and that was because the record company pushed more then than they do today and it was fresh and new to the public.

There were a lot of issues with yourself and DTP not too long ago, how did you all manage to resolve your differences and once again join forces?

Chingy: Well we just sat down like men and talked it out, got on the same page and agreed to work together again.

How you enjoying being in ATL full time now?

ChingyChingy: Its kool, I jus needed a different atmosphere, but this is still St.Louis don't git it twisted.

Growing up was music something that always influenced your life? Something you always wanted to get involved with?

Chingy: Music always had a effect on my life cause I feel music is art an your lifestyle the way you live.

You have worked with some huge names in music over the years but who has been the most influential of them all?

Chingy: The most influential person I worked with was Jermaine Dupri because I always watched learned from him as a artist, producer, an icon.

You enjoy travelling around the world to far away places, where is next on your must see places list? I hear you want to visit Egypt at some point?

Chingy: Egypt is definitely on my list because I wanna see the pyramids, I always wanted explore that before I passed away.

Back in 2003 Jackpot went double platinum, how would you describe an accomplishment of that magnitude?

Chingy: Well Jackpot was my first album an my slang talk was new ta the world, far as me saying thurr and hurr and stuff and people wanted that.

You have in the past verbally blasted those who are always bringing the Hip Hop culture down and addressing it as nothing more than a bad influence, I quote “Those who are attacking rap need to take a closer look at the communities that produce this music”, Chingy says. “They are ignoring the real problems like poverty and poor school systems, and then they blame the very people who are the victims. Rappers aren’t creating these problems, we’re just telling the world about the dramas we see”. Do you still have strong feelings towards this today?

Chingy: Yes I still support that, because the problem still stands and until we clean up these issues maybe the rappers and everybody on the street will clean up their acts, but rappers also do plenty for the communities its just not always publicised.

There are a lot of artists breaking out these days literally over night. Some better than others but, what are your views on the breakout artists? Are they simply one hit wonders or talented underground artists finally getting the option to break out and be heard?

Chingy: I believe underground artists are getting the chance to be hurd these days which is great cause when I was underground it was not like this today.

What projects do you currently have in the works that fans can look forward to?

Chingy: Fans can look forward to my new album Eurrthing An Nothing coming top of the year, and I have a song called Turn It Up with Soulja Boy that's hot I'm droppin off the album as well as Mix it up a dope record produced by Bangledesh (Shawndre) an other great songs as well.

Any Shout’s?

Underground Promotion UKChingy: I jus want my fans ta kno that the reason for the delay is I had ta git sum business straight wit the label and I have new management, but I'm back on da sceen ya digggg.

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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