We last spoke to D.Ablo in 2007. Read on to see what he has been up to, what he’s getting up to and what to expect from him in the not to distant future.

Can you tell those that don’t know, what you have been doing since you last spoke to us here at British Hip Hop please?

D.Ablo: I have been making songs in a few different genres and challenging myself to write a little more than I did previously. I have recently released songs in the house, dubstep and DnB scenes which gave me a great look in and gained me some new fans!

How easy / hard has it been to achieve everything you have so far?

D.Ablo: It hasn’t been easy at all and with so many projects going on at once you start to wonder if they are worth it but I think you need that kind of pressure to prepare you for a professional music career. I have been juggling teaching, artist development as well as writing and recording for a while now but I enjoy the variation and finishing projects certainly makes me think it was all worth it.

You have worked with many producers and artists within the UK music scene. Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with but would like to?

D.Ablo: I’d like to work with Ejeca, Om Unit and Salaam Remi.


You are also very musical, playing keyboards, steel drums etc. How extensively do you get involved regarding the production side of your music?

D.Ablo: I produce via my production unit Sleeping Giants which I run with Skriblah DanGogh (TerraFirma). I’m really no mix engineer but I have a good idea of what I want to hear and appreciating that each instrument has it’s space has been a big element for me. I’m in to drum programming and try to play in all other sounds where I can on whatever instrument.

Within your work there’s a sense of positivity, a good Vibe message. Your new soon to be released project Fire manages to get the point across in a non preachable way. Can you tell us the inspiration and background behind this please?

D.Ablo: Myself and Just Jack came up with the lyrics as Jack had the ‘always had fire…’ chorus line already and we went from there. I took on the theme and applied it to people I knew that were mad talented but for one reason or another were not getting to where they deserved to be. I have been in the position of not succeeding before (and of course I still am from time to time) but I’m just taking an outsiders view of someone else’s situation on this track. I always think the challenge is presenting the lyrics and themes in a new way and Jack’s initial lyric set me on a course of writing that day.


What are you working on at the moment and what can we look forward to from you in the future?

D.Ablo: I’m working on another video, an EP and some more collabs with some cool UK links. I will be doing a lot more live stuff as I have just put together a band for my live album launch and I want to try out a whole load of new material with them after the launch. I’ll of course be playing drums, guitar, keys and vocals for that excites me musically. In the meantime ha! My next stop is Lovebox on the Friday 19th July with Foreign Beggars so if you’re down there, come and say hi!

How can people reach you?

D.Ablo: Twitter @DdotABLO and my Facebook page > D.Ablo < By: Stacey

D.Ablo [Terra Firma] x Just Jack x Essa Audio Link… Please listen, download and spread the love.

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Retrospective‘ due 5th August 2013.

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