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I recently got a chance to interview the new artist on The New No Limit, Dino West. He’s from the Southern CA area, but he grew up in West Los Angeles and amazingly before signing this deal he never had a record out! He appears on the new Master P album ‘Ghetto Bill Gates’ on the track ‘I’m A Gangsta’. Here’s what he had to say in response to my questions…

Ok why don’t we start off by letting people know a little about yourself?

Dino WestI been rappin since I was 15, but I didn’t take it seriously till I was 18, my main goal was basketball but it didnt pan out like it should have. I’m born and raised in west Los Angeles but later moved to the 909 area, 45 mins outside of LA where I now reside.
How did you hook up with Master P and get signed to ‘The New No Limit’?

I met P at a radio station in Los Angeles, I spit for him, he liked what he heard. We exchanged numbers and I kept in touch with his close partner Dajuan. It was a slow process it was hard gettin on but I showed them I was hungry and stayed in touch until we all met up and I did a song "Ima Gangsta" that made the ghetto bill album.

How did that feel when you first hooked up with Master P, with him being a big established name in Hip Hop?

Man I couldn’t believe it myself, I grew up on master p, silk the whole No Limit camp albums. So it was crazy to chop it up with him and then actually lay vocals with a legend. I’m juss tryna take advantage of the opportunity feel me.

How would you describe your style?

Kinda east sound, raw but yet smooth west coast lyrics still workin on my delivery.

Which artists have you been influenced by or you was simply a fan of when you first started thinking about rappin?

Dino WestI listen to everybody, I listen to a lot of mixtapes to see who’s out there underground wise, but I grew up on west coast artist Dre of course Snoop, Warren G, Nate. But I was a big fan of Cube and Ren they the hardest I feel.

Are you releasing anything soon, if so can you give us some information?

Nothing yet juss workin on a mixtape.

Do you think the West will rise again?

The West is back already boss. I am definitely leave my dint on the game, me and ruga makin serious moves.

What was it like workin with Ruga?

He coo, real energetic.

A lot of fans are lookin to the West to step up again, one artist a lot of people have been talkin about is Crooked I, have you got any thoughts on him?

Dino WestNah not really, I mean I’m glad he out that Death Row situation and he gettin his material out there.

Lets fast forward one year down the line, where do you see yourself?

I’m juss tryna do things day by day know what I mean. I’ma keep makin moves and hopefully be recognize west coast artist for the future.

OK, we have mentioned a few West coast artists, but what about Tupac Shakur, have you got any comments about Tupac?

Man I dunno how I forgot to mention Pac, I still bump that all eyes on me to this day. I can never get tired of Pac, can’t say too much but heavy respect for him.

Ok do you wanna make any comments to wrap this up?

Thanks a lot for havin me. Shout out Tony Pruitt, every body reppin tha Tank, my boy King, Young Black, Dan, T-R. One love.

Thanks, appreciate it, wish you luck for the future.

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