Following on from the 2006 release of his debut LP ‘Brain Food’, DJ IQ is back with this very special digital download only release. The first single to be taken from his forthcoming album ‘Live! From The Sofa’ is ‘9 To 5’. We like to keep you regularly updated so check out what IQ had to say to Sam Bradsaw in our latest interview…

Firstly not that long since BHH was in contact, remember you saying you were trying to balance your studies and your music, how's that going?

DJ IQ: Right now I feel like I'm a college drop out – but it's different because I've been so busy at the same time. I dunno man, I'm not studying at the moment just on my music grind 24/7, but I'd like to study something. Something completely away from music, I don't know what though!

Any plans for full time education or is it music full time at the mo?

DJ IQDJ IQ: The music is full time.

The new track 9 to 5 with Dubbledge is sick, must be quite an exciting time laying down tracks for fresh new British artists, you've literally got an all star cast on the new Brainfood album?

DJ IQ: I reordered a track called 'Brain Food Allstars' which came out last year; we did a video that's had over 10,000 views on YouTube with various people commenting on it. Good and bad stuff mind you, and what some people have to say is the funniest shit to me! I've got to give a shout out to all the Internet thugs out there! Hahaha. And to be real, I can't even listen to that record anymore, but there's a part two called '8Bars Of Fire' that is my next single released as a download on August 20th. That's much better!!!

Putting together must have been a dream?

DJ IQ: A Dream? I dunno, my dreams don't make any sense, well sometimes they do but putting it together was cool. As people pass thru the lab you know I always try and get an 8bar verse out of them just for whatever, and I managed to make to cool tunes out of it. The part two '8Bars of Fire' which is taken off my forthcoming album 'Live! From The Sofa' is getting a really good response from people, radio and press alike so that's been good.

Are there any plans to take the music on the road?

DJ IQ: Definitely. The main event people need to know about is my Launch party.

It's all going down on September 11th at Notting Hill Arts Club. I'll be Djing, the beautiful Sarah Love will be Djing and they'll be P.A's from all my pals in the scene: Jehst, Kashmere, Foreign Beggars, Asaviour, TB, Kyza, Micall Parknsun, Dubbledge Mr.Ti2bs, Stig & Dr.Syntax, Verb T etc. Plus I should have a live band with me too so it's gonna be a crazy night. Merchandise will be on sale on the night too so if you haven't picked up the album yet it's the perfect chance to do so!

Are you still closely affiliated with Jehst and Asaviour, you three were pretty dope together?

DJ IQDJ IQ: Yeah we still roll together. Big joints that is!! HAH. Yeah we're still all cool.

I've just finished putting together Jehst's new mixtape 'The Mengi Bus' which will be out by the time ya'll read this. All mixed and cut up entirely by myself, hosted by Sir Smurf Lil'. It's Jehst's first ever mixtape so you know you need to cop that!

And Asaviour I still work with closely, we're currently putting the finishing touches to our Joint collaboration album 'The A-Loop Theory' and I can honestly saying purely objectively that this record is on some NEXT shit. I won't say much else for the moment, all I will say is it's a goodbye to '''''UK''''' Hip Hop. Let good music breathe for real!!!

Obviously we know the main influence in your music is hip hop, have you found any inspiration from anything else that makes you want to add something to your style?

DJ IQ: I haven't been listening to much Hip Hop recently, I feel sort of out of the loop as to what's going on or who's supposed to be good because I've been in the lab working hard. I've been listening to a lot of different stuff though, electronic stuff, and housey stuff. I'm listening to Daft Punk at the moment and I love it.

You released Brainfood through Mancan, what's the deal with that are you signed, anything in the pipeline with Unwritten Characters, remember hearing about Don Tekz? Any updates?

DJ IQ: Unwritten characters is dead, I'm not involved with Don Tekz in any shape or form, though I would like to send a shout out to my boy Teef! Erm, these were basically all just ideas that never came off the ground.

ManCan Music is my label. My imprint to release stuff under and it's very much alive. It's all about the DJ IQ album 'Live! From The Sofa' out right now.

How’s the Itch FM show going? Anything more planned with 1Xtra?

DJ IQ: I'm not DJing on Itch any more due to my hectic schedule but I hear it's doing well and going from strength to strength. As for 1Xtra, a lot is happening over there so we'll see. The DJs have been rinsing the new single though, which is nice.

Most things we've already covered in previous interviews but anything else to tell us about your future plans DJ'ing and the production side of things?

DJ IQ: It's all about DJ IQ's 'Live! From The Sofa' album out September 3rd on ManCan Music / Dented Records. We just released the first single two weeks ago '9 to 5' featuring Dubbledge on digital download, so if you haven't got that yet it's available from or from ITunes, HMV Online, June, Tunetribe etc. And the same goes for the second single '8Bars Of Fire' released on the 20th August on digital download and available from all the same places.


We're also dropping a very special limited edition clear vinyl 7" with both singles on it so definitely cop it if you see it! That's a proper limited thing, it drops August 20th also.

Also, look out for the DJ IQ T-shirts on sale at my launch party as well as my website

Ever considered working with any international artists? There's some dope French rappers out there.

DJ IQ: Man, I know! There's dope rappers everywhere. There are also some bad ones!


DJ IQ: But yeah for real, there's loads of artists I want to work with that I've never had the chance to. But I'm just gonna take things as they come. To go back to your question, of course I've considered working with international artists, I don't really care where you come from, if you're dope, you're dope.

Where can we catch you, have you still got residencies in London, Madame Jo Jo's wasn't it?

DJ IQ: DJ IQ's Launch Party !!! September 11th at Notting Hill Arts Club. That's what it's all about! I'll also be touring with Jehst later this year. Keep checking my MySpace ( and my website ( for updates and gig info.

Any new cuts you've worked on?

DJ IQDJ IQ: You know what, I've got like a backlog of cuts I need to do for people! I cut my right hand / arm really bad months ago and I was out of action for a while.

All I could do was record, couldn't cut or do anything so it kind of built up from them. So if you're an artist reading this and I longed you out for cuts I'm sorry! LOL I'm still catching up with everything… There's not enough hours in the day!!

There's literally been a wave of British talent coming through, who in your eyes should everyone be looking out for?

DJ IQ: Watch out for TB Tuberculosis AKA T Bear!!!!

How much UK stuff do you play when you’re DJ'ing at clubs such as Madame Jo Jo's, how does it go down?

DJ IQ: It's all about the balance innit. It's like you gotta play good music. And generally, as long as it's good people don't care where it's from! I'll play the good UK Shit, and I'll play the good US shit, old records, whatever. It's all music!

Any shout outs?

DJ IQ: Yeah shouts to my mum! My pops. Shouts to the people that are making my life easier and shouts to the people that make my life harder. It's all love.

Dented Records Peace.

By: Sam Bradshaw

DJ IQ Album Launch Flyer

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