DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long Leggs

DJ Leggs aka Daddy Long Leggs is from Prov RI. He has dance workshops kicking off, does his own radio shows as well as runing his own distribution network pushing mixtapes. Check outwhat he had to say to Rebecca about his career and plans for the future.

Hello, Thanks for taking time out to talk to us today. Please introduce yourself?

Leggs: What’s up? Thanks for having me, the name’s Leggs, Daddy Long Leggs when I dance and DJ Leggs when I spin.

What was it like being part of the 401Rockerz and performing your dance moves for the crowds?

Leggs: Great! We succeeded in being the best crew form RI back in 1996-2000 then we moved on. However some of us are back on the scene as of late

We have been told that you teach dance classes for children in your area, what made you decide to do this?

DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long LeggsLeggs: I absolutely loved dancing, passing on the technique, and tradition etc. Right now I’m at several schools on a day to day basis doing workshops with the youth in my home base of Providence RI.

Do you feel a sense of achievement when you work with children and being able to inspire them?

Leggs: Most definitely, I’m still cool and young… lol, so they look up to me as a positive figure.

Also you are thinking about setting up workshops, how do you think this will benefit everyone in the future?

Leggs: I’m going to open a dance school / academy that teaches breaking, history, performance, urban artistic expression (graffiti) and DJ classes too… think of it as a hip hop school.

What made you want to DJ after dancing for so long?

Leggs: Well I was collecting records back in 2000 and 2001. It wasn’t till like 2002 I started getting serious with it. I love hip hop in general so DJing was the only other thing I wanted to do besides dance.

When your brother passed did that give you the determination to pursue you DJing career?

Leggs: Actually yes, my brother ‘Joeskee’ was one of the illest in our crew. When he had passed the group was already separated, everyone went their own ways. I continued on for another two years, but then got interacted in DJing. Breaking kind of died out in the city… I didn’t quit but I put it on hold.

Did you expect your first track ‘Worst Fear’ to go down so well?

Leggs: I definitely thought so because I knew people were gonna feel it. Despite my bro’s passing as a big unfortunate event, we had so much support from everyone relating to the song on different levels. It was a blessing to start what I’m doing now.

Are you planning on making anymore singles or making a big appearance within the music scene?

Leggs: For sure, right now I don’t have any signed artist in the house, but we are looking for that hit maker to come along either signed or managed. The appearance within the music scene is leaking out slowly but surely. Timing is key and I got god on my side who better!

What made you decide to run you’re own label S&J Music Group?

Leggs: The whole music industry idea didn’t come along till like 2006. S&J stands for me and my bro’s initials. I was always fascinated with how a record label functions and puts out music.

You have just started up a new company called ‘Hood Strong Entertainment’ what exactly does the company do?

DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long LeggsLeggs: It’s a street promotional company and mixtape distributor. We manage, provide nourishment, artist development and services for well established artist(s), up and coming artist(s), labels, and those who may want additional promotional and marketing services. We also have Hood Strong Radio on the internet. It’s pretty much the running man underneath S&J group, which is the actual label for the signed artist(s) and upcoming major releases.

Tell us about your current projects.

Leggs: I’m always working on new mixtapes, online radio shows, and some collaboration shows. S&J music group is looking for talented producers and artists to manage and possibly sign in the future. This is all music related. My dance project(s) is completely separate and exists on a different forefront.

You have some radio shows on the internet how did this begin?

Leggs: Well I’m with Lord Gang DJ’S. They were broadcasting LGR fire on their station, which I had a brief placement on. Then I got hooked up somehow with out of the Bahamas, Eastcoast digital radio, and a few others. They invited me in with open arms. I had never done any kind of radio shows before this what so ever… shhhh, lol.

Also what stations are they and what time are you on air?

Leggs: www.kemis.ner (Fri & Sat night),, (based in Europe) (brand new), (new) (at 5 EST Thursdays) and more to come.

What else do you have planned for 2008?

Leggs: I plan to put out more mixtapes, do more radio shows and interviews, and just get my name and face seen in as many venues possible. I would like to work on a cross promotional opportunities with some people, continue working on my companies and just grow, grow, grow, right now my dance workshops are in several schools within Providence and are on the rise. 401 Rockerz has started training again so more shows and appearances are coming. I plan on making big impacts in multiple directions… You just never know.

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DJ Leggs Aka Daddy Long Leggs

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