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DJ Premier has been producing bangers since his Gang Starr days and now 30 years on he is still delivering the goods. Esh from IBMCs managed to catch up with the legendary DJ Premier in advance of his show in association with the Doctor’s Orders at Plan B on Thur 28th Feb. Its all set to be a stellar night with Statik Selektah, DJ No Names, Mr Thing, Spin Doctor and Skillit on the bill as well. Read on to find out what DJ Premier had to say…

DJ Premier, a legend and perhaps the most highly rated producer in Hip Hop history! How do we start this? Well, welcome to the UK, everything cool so far?

DJ Premier: Chilly chill.

What’s up with this tour?

DJ Premier: Me and Statik Selektah are coming to town to show our skills on the wheels of steel… no more no less. We do our job for the passion and respect of the hip hop culture and respect for the true DJ.

We’ve seen a lot of interviews over the years and you always seem open to discussing all kinds of topics. Let’s try and get into some areas that may not usually come up. But first tell us about your most recent productions!

DJ Premier: I get asked that question all of the time… but in regards to the most recent, I just released a tune with Joey Bada$$ thru Green Label Sound which is owned by Mountain Dew… I also just did a jam with Big Daddy Kane for the Nike Air Jordan 28 series that was released for the NBA All Star Weekend this year in Houston Texas.

As for new projects: Nygz, khaleel, Bumpy Knuckles & O.C., Lady Of Rage, Heather B., Pete Rock -vs-Premier, M.O.P., Ill Bill, Czarface, Kool Sphere, Ea$y Money, Immortal Technique, Venom, Soulkast…

We want to know about the joint album with Pete Rock as well of course!

DJ Premier: We have not started the LP yet due to our hectic schedules, but I plan on starting it in march… The first single will be produced by me with Pete rapping over my production. The rest of the LP will be split in half. I produce one side and Pete does the other side. I cannot name the artists, but it will be dope!

Although there is a ‘DJ Premier sound’, you have also produced all different kinds of tracks. Would be interesting to hear about some of your more experimental work, like for example when you worked with an orchestra?

DJ Premier: I will always step outside of the box to do something different than my normal style… it is what makes you versatile as a producer.

Digging: Do you still find rare records and samples and have the same feeling about making beats as before? Tell us about the technological revolution and your part in it.

DJ Premier: The digital age must be learned and the old school way should remain used. I embrace both since I respect technology and I respect music… and yes I still dig in the crates… shouts to D.I.T.C.

DJ Premier

You obviously stay working, and still with many of the same legendary artists such as Bumpy Knuckles. I thought I read somewhere recently you would be prepared to work with Justin Beiber?

DJ Premier: I said that I would do a record with Justin Beiber, I did not say that I am working with him.

Are there any emcees left out there you would still like to work with?

DJ Premier: Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, 50 Cent, Drake, Eminem, Ice Cube…

I would like it if you produced a whole album with Dre, how do we make that happen?

DJ Premier: Let Dr. Dre know… I would do it yesterday.

It would be great to hear you working with more international artists. The Soulkast record was a big move. Can you tell us something behind the story of that and your experiences with French Hip Hop generally?

DJ Premier: Soulkast reached out to my manager and they sent us a Youtube clip of him with Onyx, Ghostface Killah and he was recording with M.O.P. So I respect those artists and I said why not… he is a huge fan of the underground culture… I just did a new one with Soulkast for 2013.

What do you think about Obama, his drone attacks and US politics?

DJ Premier: I study the politics of our government and I have my opinions but I keep them to myself or amongst my friends. Just do your research and keep up with current events.

Shout outs?

DJ Premier: Shouts to my Whole Year Round Records family, Gang Starr family, my son Jalen, and all of the people that make my life so incredible… you know who you are.

By: Esh | IBMCs

Check out DJ Premier at Plan B on Thur 28th Feb! Details and tickets can all be found at

DJ Premier at Plan B on Thur 28th Feb

By Esh

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