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There are hundreds of DJ’s out there flexing their skills and pushing music from talented unsigned artists but few do it on a level like DJ Rush. Known as The Australian Sensation DJ Rush is definitely on top of his game! With numerous Mix-tape releases and world wide connections being made DJ Rush is undoubtedly Australia’s hottest HIP HOP DJ!

With the recent release of the UK Spaders Mix-tape in conjunction with Underground PR, I decided the time was right to drop some well earned UK exposure on a DJ who is sure to have a name for himself over here very soon!

Tell us more about DJ Rush?

DJ RushDJ Rush: DJ Rush aka The Australian Sensation is a unique DJ hailing from the land down under. He is regarded as one of the biggest hustlers in Australian hip hop and spends a lot of his time going back and forth to LA and Australia working on various projects. In the club you can catch him spinning anything from Funk, Soul, Old school, Hip Hop or R&B. He is also a photographer and has sold work around Australia and will be launching his Spader clothing line early 2008.

When did you decide being a DJ was your calling in life?

DJ Rush: Ever since I was a kid I was putting together cassette tapes of my favourite music. My friends would always ask me to make them compilation tapes as they really liked my taste in music. I knew from an early age I had a good ear and knew what a hot track was. Then at 15 I started working part time to save up for my turntables and since then I have never looked back.

You have worked with some big names including The Game, what was it like working with him?

DJ RushDJ Rush: I didn’t actually work with The Game but I got to spend a lot of time with the Black Wall Street crew during the build up to his album “The Doctors Advocate”. Going to the video shoots in Compton and being in the studio while Game was recording is something I will never forget. He did record some great drops for my mixtapes which you can hear on my myspace.

Of all DJ’s past and present who has influenced you the most over the years?

DJ Rush: DJ Skee has been a big influence in terms of mixtape DJ’s and as an industry hustler. I have caught Z-Trip a few times in Australia and I think he is hands down one of the greatest DJ’s of all time. I’m a fan of any DJ who is original and pushing the limits.

Tell us about your recent UK release, UK SPADERS?

DJ Rush: It all came about by linking up with Danielle from Underground Promotion who made this whole thing possible. I wanted to get a mixtape out in the UK so I could work with the talent out there and spread the Spader brand.

The UK sound is so different compared to the US & Australia and it’s been refreshing to mix up a diverse range of music. I am really excited about exposing the UK music to people around the world and showing them how the UK gets down. We are planning on doing numerous UK Spader mixtapes throughout each year so keep looking out for the tapes!

What plans do you have for 2008?

DJ RushDJ Rush: Each year I set bigger and bigger goals for myself and 2008 will be no different. I will be dropping lots of mixtapes and the first one will be my California Dreaming pt 2 mixtape. I am about to start working on a mixtape for Travis McCoy who is the lead rapper from Gym Class Heroes. I am heading back to LA in February to work on a few projects. My Spader clothing line will be officially launched early in the year and I would love to get some shows in the UK!

There are many DJ’s bringing out their own albums, is this something you may look into doing yourself?

DJ Rush: Oh yeah that is something I am planning on doing in the near future. When the time is right to bring out a DJ Rush album it will happen. At the moment I just want to get my name bigger in the mixtape scene and accomplish that first.

What is the HIP HOP scene like out in Australia?

DJ Rush: The Australian hip hop scene has really taken off in the last few years. Home grown heroes the Hilltop Hoods went number one on the Australian charts being a first for Aussie hip hop. We have singers, rappers, DJ’s, b-boys, graffiti artists popping up all over the country which is really healthy for the scene. I believe Australia is going to be the new hot spot for hip hop in the coming years so don’t be surprised if Jay-Z’s next signing is an Australian hip hop artist.

You also model for DR Jays yeah? How did that come about?

DJ Rush: I was selected to be apart of the ‘Summer Sensations’ campaign in New York which was a bunch of artists who DR Jays believe are moving popular music in a positive direction. Other artists involved were Serius Jones, Collie Buddz and Rev Run’s daughters to name a few. It was a great photo shoot and defiantly a highlight in my career.

What are your plans for the Xmas season?

DJ Rush: Catch up with family and friends. Enjoy the Australian summer and the amazing food that my mum cooks for Christmas dinner!

Any shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKDJ Rush: Big shout out to Danielle from Underground Promotion and all the artists who got on the UK Spaders Mixtape. Download your copy now!

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

DJ Rush

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