Dollah Jones

Dollah Jones aka the H.D.I.C (Head Dollah In Charge) is not to be confused with the Dolla who appears on the track with T-Pain and Akon. This Dollah has his own game and is making heat with his Brand New track. Lady Jay UK recently caught up with him, so read on to find out more…

Lady Jay UK: Dollah, what you all about?

Dollah Jones: You mean besides money? Lol… well I’m about a lot of things, but as far as music goes I’m about making good music that caters to every emotion that a human could possibly experience, whether its feeling guilt about an abortion or being in love with somebody else’s girl. Lol.

Lady Jay UK: What past inspired you to start rapping?

Dollah JonesDollah Jones: I started rapping at a very young age so the artists that made me want to rap were Kriss Kross. As of today my inspiration is driven by my fans and supporters… just knowing that people outside of my close family and friends like my music gives me a high that makes me wanna keep going.

Lady Jay UK: You have been working hard for a while. Did you think it would be quicker or easier to progress in the industry?

Dollah Jones: Yes! I thought you could just make a song, give it to the radio station and they’d play it, then a major label would knock on my door with a multi-million dollar deal… lol. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Its waaaayyyy more work than that, especially since the music business is 10 percent talent and 90 percent business.

Lady Jay UK: When’s the ‘Dollah Jones’ album due to drop, and give me an idea what we should expect.

Dollah Jones: We don’t have an exact due date for the release but we are shooting for the fall of 2008. The album is gonna be phenomenal because it covers all elements of hip hop with an array of different subjects other than money, clothes and sex.

Lady Jay Uk: Tell me about the EOCSOC tour…

Dollah JonesDollah Jones: The EOCSOC tour was an outlet for me to give back to the community. It was one of the several charity tours that I’ve been on for the past few years performing in various schools systems spreading positive messages and raising canned goods for the homeless.

Lady Jay UK: What’s been your biggest achievements so far?

Dollah Jones: To me, my biggest achievement was being able to help raise more than 100,000 pounds of canned goods for starving people on the EOCSOC tour.

Lady Jay UK: And where do you wanna be in two years time?

Dollah Jones: Simple… HAPPY & RICH, lol.

Lady Jay UK: Hahaha yea, me too!

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Dollah Jones

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