Donny Goines

Donny Goines is making waves in New York, but is yet to hit the international stage. But good things come to those who wait… Donny's focus and intention are fierce. After giving everything up and dedicating himself solely to developing his music career this man has decided to show the world some quality hip hop.

Armed with a toolkit of life experience, he is breakin down your door and putting his CD firmly in your player. And he ain't leavin' ‘til you listen.

So listen.

Lady Jay UK: Where you from Donny?

Donny GoinesDonny: New York City all day.

Lady Jay UK: What's you're music all about?

Donny: In short, life. I speak on several topics pertaining to the things that I deal with and situations that I’m familiar with. I just try to make the music I bring to the table as vivid and realistic as possible.

Lady Jay UK: Tell me about the track 'Do It For Hip Hop'. I feel that track.

Donny: That is one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made, shout out to DJ Static for producing such an ill track (he also did 3 other records on The Excerpt). Its a song that depicts my life and surroundings and how it relates to hip hop. Now that we are in the "Ringtone" era I feel its necessary to show the public what’s really going on and where the music comes from and is suppose to represent. Its also a universal record because I feel hip hop can be in any hood, any country, and in any language and the truth you should do it for the love first and foremost. Nowadays tho, its a bunch of nonsense out there. Shout out to Ed Lover on Power 105 for playing that record on his show this past week and anyone else who supports it. Look out for the remix coming soon.

Lady Jay UK: What do you mean nonsense?

Donny: What I mean by nonsense is the uncreative, unoriginal and boring music that floods the airwaves. See you can have a ringtone song, a party song or whatever but why does it have to be so cookie cut and simplistic? Its like nursery rhymes for adults or something haha. And EVERYBODY is following trends. The bottom line is this, do what you do but at the end of the day if you don't make good music you can expect people like myself to call you out.
Lady Jay UK: You're independent right now; lots of quality artists choose not to rush into deals with majors, but have you found it difficult to get your music heard?

Donny: Yes and No. In the beginning it was a serious struggle, but I just keep consistently making good music so eventually people started to listen and show support. Although I still feel a lot of people need to hear me, I know that it will take time and as long as I make high quality music I really don’t stress about it too much.

Donny Goines

Lady Jay UK: I read music became your 'salvation', explain that to me…

Donny: Well anyone that knew me personally before music knows I was out of control. Drinking, fighting, partying, etc. and also I was never really focused on anything. I was just "going through the motions" so to speak. I really felt lost for years but once I found the music it’s just filled that empty void that I felt for years. If it wasn't for music, who knows what would have happened to me out there.

Lady Jay UK: What's the 'Breeding Ground Showcase'.

Donny: Well the Breeding Ground is a feature for unsigned artists that are spotlighted on I was featured back in May of this year and during the Allhiphop week in NY this past Sept. got the chance to open up for their annual showcase. It was sponsored by Allhiphop and Hot 97 and featured many Breeding Ground alumni, as well as established artists such as Joell Ortiz, M.O.P, Remy Ma and Nore just to name a few. It was by far one of the biggest moments of my career.

Lady Jay UK: Big things. How's that helped you?

Donny GoinesDonny: It helped to make people out there aware of me and my movement on a much larger scale. A lot of people still talk about my performance to this day
and just being apart of that whole movement is incredible. That opened a lot of doors for me professionally as well.

Lady Jay UK: What's important to you?

Donny: When it comes to my music, respect and integrity. Without that foundation anything placed upon it would collapse. I may never become rich or famous but as long as I can take care of my family doing what I love to do and have the respect of the people I can rest a happy man.

Lady Jay UK: Have you had to make sacrifices to get to this point?

Donny: Hahaha. I had to laugh at that because my career is BASED on sacrifice. I’ve done nothing but sacrifice since I started. Money, personal life, time, effort, emotions, fun, so on and so forth. I’ve spent almost every single dime I had on my music, moved back to my mothers house, gave away COUNTLESS music, and have not once really made any kind of tangible profit. But its worthwhile because I have the people respect and down the line money and other things will come.

Lady Jay UK: You sound really focused Donny. What happened to make you channel your energies so strongly?

Donny: I know what to expect from life if I fail. I've been down that road and the truth is its not for me. I realized my purpose now and I won't stop until I achieve my goals and bring my dreams to fruition.

Lady Jay UK: Tell me about the album…

Donny: The Excerpt is a small part of a much larger story. I wanted to give the people an idea of what to expect from me in the future so thats where the initial idea came from. I decided to make a concept album which focused primarily on one part of the story which is "The Artist", so every song on this project has some sort of hip hop influenced theme to it. Its a progressive album that has a beginning, middle and an open ending. Its also the first part of a trilogy.

Lady Jay UK: Ok, so what are the other two about?

Donny GoinesDonny: The second one will focus on "The Man" and this one will speak about subjects pertains to my life and situations I've experienced. The third one I'm not sure about yet. I have a few different places I can take it so I won't give a definitive answer.

Lady Jay UK: What music are you listening to right now?

Donny: Me personally, I listen to a lot or rap and rock music from the mid nineties. Artists such as Biggie, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Hole, Nas, and even Madonna fill up my Ipod. I can't listen to the majority of music out here now because its garbage in my opinion. I listen to others to see what's out there, but basically I just like the music I grew up on I suppose.

Lady Jay UK: You have some free downloads we can cop don't ya…

Donny: Yes, I have The Prologue (my first studio album) and About the Author (the project I released back in April. I'm also releasing Off the Books soon which will be my first official mixtape. All are available to download for free on my myspace page ( I'm selling The Excerpt tho.

Lady Jay UK: What are your plans now Donny?

Donny: Well I'm taking a lot of meetings and talking to several people looking for the right situation. My next project will have to be released on a much larger scale so that's my main focus for next year. In the meantime tho I will be working on music, perfecting my craft and just trying to spread my music all across the globe.


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Donny Goines

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