Not content with a bitchy and perpetually disgruntled UK scene, Nottingham based producer Endemic has followed Lewis Parker’s example; ferrying his wears across the Atlantic to a sunny New York reception. It’s not surprising, considering his beats sound like unearthed backdrops from a lost Wu-Tang solo LP served with a 9th Wonder finish.

Fittingly, he’s enlisted a host of Wu affiliates, NY underground stalwarts and a few cherry picked UK talents for his dark and uncompromising debut ‘Terminal Illness’. It wouldn’t kill you to give it a listen.

How did you get into Hip Hop?

Endemic: I got into the music around 90 / 91 through my older brother, he was always bussin the NWA and Public Enemy tapes after that I started to listen to more artists and then started DJing around 1996.

What equipment do you use?

EndemicEndemic: I use a few samplers, Emu E6400 Ultra, Kontact 2 with Cubase SX, with Focusrite outboard processors and a Mackie mixing desk. For synths and basslines my favourite has got to be the Minimoog VSTI.

What’s your usual beat making process?

Endemic: Usually I start with the drums, and then after I've found some dope vinyl to sample, I chop that up, and then play my basslines and string / synth lines in. Basically the influence from the beat comes from the original songs I sample – I like a lot of 70s soul, you know the rare groups and artists.

Any favourite drum breaks or tools you could disclose?

Endemic: I like a lot of the breaks on Betty Wright, Jean Plum and Dynamic Superiors songs.

What would be in your dream studio?

Endemic: Yamaha OSR96VCM Desk, Focusrite Liquid Channel, ASR10, MPC 2500, the Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 and the Genelec 8050A monitors…

Your sound is very New York, who are your favourite NY producers and why?

EndemicEndemic: RZA and Pete Rock. RZA because his sound on the early Wu Tang albums in the nineties was so raw and gritty and he created a whole new sound. Pete Rock because his sampling techniques are incredible – when you listen to some of the original songs he sampled its crazy trying to work out how he flipped it.

You have collaborated with Sean Price, Planet Asia, Hell Razah, Killah Priest among others on the album. What was the experience of working with the American guys?

Endemic: The US collabs were done by sending files back and forth over the net, but I did have some influence on the songs, building a lot with the artists over the phone, about song concepts and arrangements, they would call me up in the booth to discuss it as it was being laid down.

How has the album been received?

Endemic: Very well – been getting great reviews in the UK, US and Germany, I'm in New York right now at my man J Ronin’s house in Brooklyn, and the response from the artists themselves and people out here has been very encouraging. To be introduced to well known rappers and have them say they have heard great things about me is a blessing. We have the album release party at Sutra in Manhattan tomorrow night, and instore @ the legendary Fat Beats on Thursday, plus many radio appearances – gonna be crazy!

What are your thoughts on the present UK scene?

EndemicEndemic: Quite mixed, there is incredible talent, but also a lot of mediocre and very samey sounding rappers. But I think it’s got a great future with MC’s like M9, Cyrus Malachi, Iron Braydz and Masikah coming though. I think the whole business aspect of the scene needs some looking into on how to bring it forward better and get more exposure and respect.

Who are your favourite UK beat makers / artists?

Endemic: I like Beat Butcha’s stuff, Chemo, P Brothers and Joe Buddah.

What’s next for your label No Cure Records?

Endemic: We have projects coming with Ruste Juxx of Boot Camp Clik, Cappo from Nottingham and a very special project that could be coming on my label also! We'll see what happens with that. I was building with that artist the first day I got to New York! I'll leave it at that for now!

Apparently Obama has banned Hip Hop from the White House. If you could ban any music from your house what would it be?

Endemic: Hmm, got to be house music, I've never really been into that stuff.

Excluding Cheryl, which of the remaining Girl’s Aloud chicks would you serve a dick sandwich?

Endemic: Haha, I just had to check them out right now, so I guess I would say Kimberley Walsh, she’s cute.

Thanks for reaching out!

By: Max Weldon


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