Fokis is a very devoted individual who has been grinding hard recently. You might have been following him on his reality TV show documenting his struggle to become a rap star. Now he has his Pandemonium CD out and Lady Jay UK caught up with him to find out more…

Lady Jay UK: So tell me about Fokis…

Fokis: Fokis is a very ambitious and hard worker.

Lady Jay UK: You’ve given yourself a year to get signed. Whys that?

FokisFokis: I gave myself one year to get a deal. I did this because I have been chasing this for a longtime now and I don’t want to be chasing it forever. I said to myself, I am going to put it all on the line, make it all work and go all out. If it works out then great I deserve it, if it doesn’t, hey at least I gave it everything.

Lady Jay UK: Whats with the Road To Riches reality TV show?

Fokis: The show is about an artist that gives himself one year to get a deal and broadcast’s his journey. I always felt that if people could only see how hard I really work, I knew people would feel me. Many people can relate because we all have some things we’re chasing. You can watch the show at

Lady Jay UK: What obstacles have you found in pursuing your goals?

Fokis: The monkey wrenches, the mighty monkey wrenches. When things don’t go the way you plan them. Well one time I was heading to a radio station to do an interview and on my way to the station my video camera broke. I needed the camera because I was grabbing footage of my every move. So I had to rush to a Wal-Mart store, purchased a new camera, made it the station and did the interview. Sometimes things don’t go the way you plan but I learned how to adapt.

Lady Jay UK: who does your beats?

Fokis: Well first off, I too am a producer, my partner JFR and I make up a group called Acoustic Chefs. My homies Mr. Hardy & Gangsta Beats did like 7 records off my upcoming album. My homie Qwan (The Producer) hit me with a heat rock called “To The Top” featuring Pressure. Overall I work with who ever got the heat. I don’t discriminate.


Lady Jay UK: You got an album coming out right?

Fokis: Yes, the name of the album is called “Road To The Riches Vol. 1”. The album is presented by DJ Absolut. I like to think of this album as a soundtrack to my reality show. The album is dope; I love it. This album is for people who enjoy good music. The album features: Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Deemi and more. I am actually about to release the next record called “Pandemonium” feat. Joell Ortiz. It’s off the chain, its some real hard drums and sinister sounding piano licks. Its hip hop at its finest.

Lady Jay UK: I like the track ‘Ring Master’ you got. funny…

FokisFokis: Yeah, I like to have fun with this you know. I always get good feedback off that record. I guess because it’s the truth. Its just crazy how we got to a point in hip-hop where your talent to make good music isn’t what’s important anymore. I like all kind of music if its hot its hot, but some of the stuff now is depressing, music used to make me feel a certain way, I’m just tryna do my part and bring some of that back.

Lady Jay UK: Myspaces…

Fokis: Please be sure to check out my reality show and my video “Get It Together” on my page Be sure to join the mailing list, that’s very important. You can download my Fully Focused-Mix tape hosted by Focus of Aftermath Ent. For free and also check out my last album “More Than One Way” feat. Kool G Rap, Killah Priest, Rahsaan Patterson and more on iTunes.

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