Frankie Krutches

Currently cooking up a storm in the booth with the likes of DJ Green Lantern and with collaborations with Ireland’s finest Rob Kelly on the way, we caught up with New York newcomer Frankie Krutches in Dublin earlier this month to talk about his time with Dipset, dealing with life changing events and what’s next from here…

Tell us about your name?

Frankie Krutches: Well basically my name is Frankie and everybody knows me for my crutches, so that’s how the name came about. I got shot 10 years ago and it completely altered my life physically, it’s been a real life experience, but I’m moving in a forward direction. When you’re forced with the challenge of a physical handicap, you can let it destroy you or you can make the best of it, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

How did you first get into the rap game?

Frankie KrutchesFrankie Krutches: That was when I first met Jimmy (Jim Jones) who was part of the Roc-a-Fella movement. We’ve known each other for years and partied a lot in NYC and kept bumping into each other. And then I was in the Hey Ma and Bout It Bout It videos, before I learnt how to flow. Over about 4-5 years I started putting it all together, learning the business side of the game, building my company and working with artists.

What have you been up to more recently?

Frankie Krutches: I just did my first single ‘Backwards’ with DJ Green Lantern, Missy is also on the sample. It’s been getting heavy rotation in the States. I’m also working on my own designer crutches. I’ve always dressed them up, any crutch you can think of, I’ve got; Gucci, Fendi, Mink Fur crutches. My next mix tape, ‘1 Leg, 1 Krutch, 1 Man’, will be out later this month, and my album is out over the summer, on my label, C4 Records. I’m working closely with Irish rapper Rob Kelly and helping him put his album together and bring it out. He’s an incredible artist but just needs that extra spice, that cherry on the top. 

How did you meet Rob Kelly?

Frankie Krutches: Me and Kels got together during an underground rap contest in the States called 16 Bars. He was one of the only international rap artists picked and we were put in the same group. At first we were trying to compete against each other but since then we built a friendship, and now one or two years later I’m in Ireland! It’s been cool, a different experience, being on the other side of the world. We’ve done a few shows and have just been visiting the city as well.

How did you hook up with people like DJ Green Lantern and The Game?

Frankie Krutches: Just from grinding in the streets. Green recognised what I was doing so when I came to him with a business proposal he knew who I was and wanted to work with me. As for The Game, someone gave me his email address and I hollered at him, told him “this is who I am” and what I’m about, it wasn’t really much, I just asked him and he did it.

You’ve also toured with Dipset. What was that like?

Frankie KrutchesFrankie Krutches: It was fun, we hit a lot of different places. That was my first time seeing how it all worked behind the scenes, from the radio, promo… I learnt so much in such a short space of time being with them. Eventually there were a few disagreements and hard feelings, we didn’t feel the same way on certain things, so we went our separate ways. People still associate me with Dipset and the videos and that’s been my fight, to let people know that that’s done now.

How much of your work do you draw from personal experience?

Frankie Krutches: A good majority of it is based on personal experience. Listeners know what I’ve been through and so when they hear me talking about a certain experience, they know I’m not just saying it, I’ve lived it. When I tell you I got shot, I did. When I tell you my life changed as a result of it, it’s true. My life is reality; I walk on crutches everyday, I’ve been doing so for a long time now. I would never make anyone believe it’s easy, that’s the truth. But I don’t let it get me down, I don’t ever give up. It’s a rough road but if you keep on going the hard work pays off, that’s what they tell you and I pray that it’s true, as I’m still working, there are a lot of obstacles in the way but I just keep grinding.

Watch out for Frankie Krutches’ mix tape ‘1 Leg, 1 Krutch, 1 Man’, and the single ‘Backwards’, coming soon.

By Anna Nathanson

Frankie Krutches

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