I last caught up with Frenzee when he had won the competition "Britain's Next Urban Superstar" which was a huge moment! Out of 15,000 people Frenzee got selected as the best artist throughout all of the stages, by the fans and by the judges. By winning the competition Frenzee received: an Urban Music Award (UMA), and various other prizes including sponsorship from Footlocker:

Award Winning Producer – Fraser T. Smith said… “Frenzee will be successful if he keeps it creative and aims for the long term”.

Frenzee, how’s your journey been so far after winning "Britain's Next Urban Superstar?"

Frenzee: It’s been fun, I've done lots of promotion and performing, I'm currently on a Bristol schools tour promoting my new single "Get Close To You" and trying to increase my fan base further with each day.

How would you describe the vibe of Get Close To You?

Frenzee: It's a club / love song. Club because with the up beat production its something you can really dance to and love because the song captures the feeling of really desiring someone and trying to make them yours.

Was this song aimed at a certain someone?

FrenzeeFrenzee: If you mean aimed at a particular someone as in a girl then… no, don’t worry I’m still single ladies. It was more aimed at people in relationships and people who really like someone. I tried to make the song sound more commercial so it appealed to more people and so that more people could relate to it.

What goes into the Frenzee process of making music?

Frenzee: It all starts from receiving a beat from a producer which I will write to or adapt a song to the beat that I have written before from something emotionally that has effected me or something generally in life that has happened to me. Then me and the producer will record the song on to the beat and try to make it as perfect as possible. Then the song will be mixed and mastered to make the song sound its best. Until the finished product is created and ready for you to all hopefully enjoy.

Can you remember when you first realised that music did something to you?

Frenzee: I first realised it when I started performing in front of big crowds and loving every second of it. I see performing as a real chance to express the songs I’ve made even further and a way to see how people really respond to my music, so I love it when I get a great response and people come up to me and ask for autographs and ask for pictures.

What artists do you feel have inspired you to get where you are now?

Frenzee: A lot of artists have inspired me from Kanye West to Tinchy Stryder but I’m not just inspired by people who make music, I’m mostly inspired by people who make their dreams reality in general and show that it can actually be done. Also a lot by my family because they've always backed me so it gives me inspiration to succeed because I aim to improve my families lives.

How do you write your lyrics?

FrenzeeFrenzee: Well I always write my songs using help from emotions I’ve had or life experiences I’ve been through so that I have a real passion for what I’m making and can express it fully. I will either write my songs to a beat that producers have sent me or I will write songs before hand and then adapt the song to a beat I’m given that really suits it.

Are there any artists that you will be working with or are hoping to work with?

Frenzee: At the moment apart from having singers singing the hooks on my songs I’ve written then no not really, I’m trying to concentrate fully on my music career and establishing myself further as an artist and I sometimes feel that working with other artists like me who are trying to make it will only slow down my own progression towards the goals I have for myself, but if a well known artist wanted to work with me then yeah, In the future I would definitely love to work with all of the top artists and even help to bring through lesser known artists who I believe have real good talent.

Aside from music are you looking to get into other things?

Frenzee: At the moment I’m trying to put all of my energy into music and focus on making my dreams reality, but in the future like I said before if I did make it then I can see myself helping other artists who are trying to make it.

What would be your advice to anyone wanting to get involved in the music industry?

Frenzee: Trying to make it in the music industry involves a lot of hard work so you have to be passionate about it, sometimes it feels like your not getting anywhere but you have to get through the bad times and keep pursuing your dream.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Frenzee: I’m listening to Bashy's new album Catch Me If You Can, he's a big inspiration for me as someone showing me that it is possible to make it.

What’s been your most memorable performance?

FrenzeeFrenzee: Well I’ve had a lot of great performances over my Bristol schools tour. My most memorable would probably be at The Castle School where I performed to each year group one by one and then had to sign hundreds of autographs and have loads of pictures taken with me and students who came up to me asking for them. It was so crazy I even had a girl who asked to marry me! And also when I was leaving some students were chasing my car because they didn’t want me to leave. It was mad but… I LOVED it! Things like that really make me appreciate music and make me realise why I love it so much.

What’s your most personal song so far?

Frenzee: My most personal song is a song called Believe, its describes how I left college to pursue my dreams in music and also describes that whatever anyone says or whatever you go through you have to always believe in yourself no matter what.

If people haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound to them?

Frenzee: I’m known for my inspiring and motivating music instead of the stereotyped guns and knives lyrics of the UK rap scene, also for saying what I feel and not being peer pressured into following the crowd. I have a deep belief that life is about chasing your dreams and making the most of them no matter what. My motto is “Making Dreams Reality” because ultimately I believe that is what life is about.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Frenzee: I see myself as a house-hold name in the UK, a artist that has broken into the charts and is touring to sold out crowds and overall someone who has really made something of themselves. But I will never limit my goals I will always have to remember anything could happen, hopefully I will even be bigger then where I see myself in five years… we'll have to wait and see.

Any shout outs?

Frenzee: Firstly big up to you; Sanita Jassal for always supporting and helping me and then a shout out to the producer of my new single Vicious Beetz and a shout out to the singer on the hook of my new single Shadz, also a last shout out to all of the fans that have supported and helped me get to where I am today its really appreciated, keep supporting… peace!

BBC 1Xtra – Wilber Wilberforce said… “I have always supported Frenzee since we saw him at the first ever filming in Bristol, to see him win Britain’s Next Urban Superstar is testament to how far he has come”.

By: Sanita Jassal

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