Frenzee aka Kaman Miller, 17, has been announced as winner of Britain’s Next Urban Superstar 2008 sponsored by FootLocker. A competition from up too 15,000 hopefuls only one could come on top! Sanita Jassal caught up with Frenzee at Invincible Radio; Hackney for a live interview.

Congratulations on winning the entire Britain’s Next Urban Superstar show, what makes you different?

Frenzee: Thank you, I am an inspiring act. Out of the show I was the youngest, I’m here to get built up and grow. I would like to thank Foot Locker and the Britain’s Next Urban Superstar team for providing me with this opportunity and thank you to everyone that voted for me.

How does it feel that you came out on top from up too 15,000 hopefuls who entered the show?

FrenzeeFrenzee: It’s hard to explain… it’s amazing I feel like I am in a good place, but ready to do a lot more hard work. It’s mad to think I beat people I know, whose music I listen to and look up too and now I made it, I’m grateful to all the people that supported me its really special.

Craig David and Kano’s producer; Fraser T said you will be successful if you keep it creative, what are you planning to do next?

Frenzee: My work is about how I feel and personal things; I involve my emotions and life experiences into my music. When things happen to me I write them and express it through my music, therefore what ever I may experience will be expressed through my music.

You are recording a twelve track album (courtesy of Invincible Records) how is this going?

Frenzee: Yer I’m working on it now, I have no personal favourites as there all unique and special to me, the first single will be out March 2009 which is exciting.

What artists influence you and who would you like to collaborate with?

Frenzee: I’m a big fan of Kanye West, his music is very influential also Dizzy Rascal.



What’s your favourite all time song?

Frenzee: Oh that’s a hard one… it will have to be Kanye West – Addiction.

What’s your advice to anyone trying to get in the music industry?

Frenzee: I’d have to say work hard and stick at it, rise above any criticism you come across, as long as you believe in yourself that’s the main thing, don’t let no one think you can’t do it.

What’s the one word you want journalists to describe your music as?

FrenzeeFrenzee: Inspirational.

Sanita’s Quick Fire Round:

Favourite word?

Frenzee: Passion.

Word you dislike?

Frenzee: Fear.

All time hero?

Frenzee: Kanye West.

Are you single?

Frenzee: Yes.

Favourite Female Celebrity?

Frenzee: Beyonce Knowles.

Favourite Quote?

Frenzee: This is one of my own… ‘Making Dreams Reality’.

Thank you Frenzee!

By: Sanita Jassal

Sanita and Frenzee


Britain's Next Superstar

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