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Giallo Point is currently blazing a trail with his production and getting the recognition he deserves. Someone who has been in the heart of the UK scene for decades and seen a lot, his traditional approach and ear for dope sounds and drums is now being appreciated globally on more projects than you can shake a stick at. I was lucky to get this Q and A from a man who is always working. Can you introduce yourself and explain the name please?

Giallo Point: Giallo Point, the name came from the type of genre I was inspired by to create music. Italian Horror with a touch of crime and mystery. You have been a Hip Hop head for a long time, and obviously accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience over the years. Can you share some of your history?

Giallo Point: Yeah Man, so I was buying records from 87/88 and was hooked from that point. I was getting into scratching around 1990 and was also influenced by the take off of Jungle which I had a good little run on the scene playing out. In 97 I hooked up with my Man Deejay Random who I am sure you’re already aware of. He then introduced me to DJ Chud and Jazz T, and we were then formed as the (Steel Devils). These guys showed me a lot of history and help me craft where I am today. We should actually do an off topic interview for that crew alone because there is so much history there. We have travelled the world and been battling in the DMC Championships and been very close ever since. 20 years has passed and we’re still here as a DJ Team. So you were you originally a DJ and then progressed into production? What inspired the progression?

Giallo Point: Yes absolutely. DJ before beat maker, but last four years the production has come on a lot more. Inspiration came from generally just always being a hands on type of dude and I got bored of the DMC battles and the beat making really came on from there. You have been making beats for a minute and now seeing the fruits of your labour on many projects. Tell us about them all!

Giallo Point: Yeah man definitely so… There is a lot more to come but currently SmooVth – Medellín, Daniel Son – Gunners Tape and Remo Gaggi, Phybaoptikz – Tales Of Danger / Voynich Manuscript, Derek Strong – Dangerous Ground, and dropping in the next few days, Ill Bill and Vinnie Paz – Heavy Metal Kings 2. More will be announced in due course.

Giallo Point I’m interested to hear your opinion about the state of the ‘record scene’… How do you feel about searching for samples, whether vinyl or otherwise?

Giallo Point: Hmm well personally I sample from vinyl and other sources such as Wav files, to be honest I am not one for preaching about where to dig from ’cause it’s all down to the person. Records will always be out there but we live in a world now where shortcuts and instant return are the norm ya know?

Giallo Point You have a remarkable work rate. What’s your secret to staying focused?

Giallo Point: Inspiration and I have a lot of people round me to thank for that. On the rise! I’m sure a lot of people would love to see a Giallo Point solo album, any plans for that?

Giallo Point: Yes would love too but I have so much work to finish that will definitely be something for late 2018 or 2019. What can we expect in the future from Giallo Point?

Giallo Point: Much more music my man. What’s your message to these bizarre mumble-rap listening kids these days?

Giallo Point: Do your thing because we’ll stay doing ours. Shout outs:

Giallo Point: Big Up Deejay Random, DJ Chud, Jazz T, Miracle, Phybaoptikz, Daniel Son, SmooVth, Hus, Rozewood, Junelyfe, Sage Infinite, Bugzy Nino, Vic Grimes, Recognize Ali, El Ay, Ray Vendetta  / All of Triple Darkness.

By: Esh | IBMCs

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