Godbless is an underground MC with a diverse background. He hails from all over and these influenses can easily be seen in his music. Peep what he had to say to www.britishhiphop.co.uk…

For the music lovers who don’t know much about you, please tell us about GodBless?

I spent my early child hood between Germany and England, my father was in the army and my Moms grew up in Bedford.  So when school was out I’d go to England to see my grandparents and family. Now I stay in Columbia, South Carolina and Hip Hop is what I live and breath.

Family is big part of my life and even in my music.  My style of rap is conscious but also hood, that’s the balance in my music.  Oh yeah I’m a Pisces also, so you know I bring that magical passion.

It’s all in the name they say. What does GodBless signify?

I see my name as meaning ‘I MINISTER’.  God control the universe, as I control my family by being a father.  When you speak words that are positive you bless the listener, even those who catch it on the wind.  That’s the true meaning of minister.

Is the new single (Dreamer) representative of the GodBless sound?

No….it’s a PART of our sound.  I wanted music that reflects my love for different genres.  Like there’s a trance track and a drum and bass joint.  Dreamer is the joint that for the world anybody can play and then feel it.

Tell us how you started working with your producer eVerlution?

He’s my brother.  Word . . . he just started making beats like a year ago . . . Word up.  He got joints with, I don’t know, another vibe . . . like his beats just jump at you.  At first I was only going to use the Fuel’s beat, but he brought a few more and they were hot, so I used them too.

You’ve also got an album coming out called ‘U & Urs’ – How have the songs on it come about and are there any other featured artists on it?

The album’s done and I’m just waiting to get it out.  Doing the album was great. I worked in a rock in studio in the States, so the feel of the album is totally different.  The only other artist is eVerlution who did some of the hooks.  But overall this was a really personal project.

Who are the people/artists who have influenced you and who do you see asyour contemporaries in today’s Hip Hop scene?

A lot of artists have influenced me but J DILLA is the one I look up to most. I mean he changed music – the hand-clap/snare thing everyone uses now, he started that.  When I make beats I try to get that vibe he has . . . You know how you can play his instrumental as mood music. That’s crazy.

I love underground Hip Hop. That’s where the real is.  Like Sean Price’s album is dope M.F. Doom is crazy and Boot Camp is together again.  I see myself in my own class, but if I have to be pigeon holed I’m a BACK PACKER for life.

Hip Hop seems to have evolved over the last 10 years with many artists breaking into the mainstream. Is this good for Hip Hop and where do you see Godbless in it all?

GodblessI think it’s good but it depends on the artist.  If they’re in it for the money the music shows it and their music is weak.  But if they do it for the love and crossover then it stands out because it’s stronger than the weaker mass produce singles that all sound alike.  I think because so many Hip Hop artists have crossed over now I wouldn’t see it like I’m selling out if I was to cross over . . . I’d see it that I just did a great track that people who wouldn’t usually buy rap had bought.

Tell us a bit about your live performance – How does the show differ from your recorded material?

My live shows are crazy.  I do a lot of freestyle so the song might be going one way then it changes. That keeps the crowd and me on our toes.

What kind of impact do you want to have on the UK urban music scene?

I just want to bring good music to the U.K. that’s all.

Lastly – what’s coming up for GodBless in the future?

I just want to get the album out, and then I’ll see from there.  Request the video and the single and get the ring-tones for you phone – Help a Brotha!

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