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Gorilla Zoe is definitely an artist to be watching out for! With various club appearances behind him including Sean Combs’ step son’s birthday party it’s no wonder Gorilla Zoe really is blowing up the airwaves across the pond. A member of Boyz N Da Hood the MC has stepped up his game and shot through the industry to become one of 2008’s most aspiring solo artists.

I recently caught up with the man himself for an exclusive UK interview to see what fans can expect from him and his release due out in the States September 23rd.

Hey, how’s life been treating you lately?

Gorilla Zoe: Great! Working hard on the new album, just shot a video for “Waddle” featuring Gucci Mane.

What projects are you currently working on?

Gorilla Zoe: Don’t Feed Da Animals coming September 23rd.

What was it like joining up with Boyz-N-Da-Hood?

Gorilla Zoe: The Opportunity was a great experience I learned a lot. It was amazing to be able to work with such a legendary group.

You lost your father at a young age, how did you cope with such a massive part of your life no longer being there?

Gorilla ZoeGorilla Zoe: Filled the void with anger, getting into trouble and became a man too early.

You had quite an eventful childhood, hustling daily to eat. When did you decide there was a bigger calling for you in life?

Gorilla Zoe: At age 18 I started seeing life in a different light and I wanted to share my sight with the world. I didn’t get the opportunity to get into music until later on… God blessed me with a vision and lyrical ability.

Who would you say influences your music?

Gorilla Zoe: There is no who… Life has influenced my music.

You performed at Diddy’s son’s birthday bash not too long ago, what was that like for you? Not your average show right?

Gorilla Zoe: I feel I gave a great performance for the kids who came out to celebrate Quincy’s birthday. Of course, I wanted to give a special performance for the big hommie (Diddy’s) son.

Where do you see yourself being in five years time with regards to your music career?

Gorilla Zoe: Wealthy as shit. I don’t want to be just wealthy in money, but in knowledge and understanding of the business and in life.

When you do get some you time how do you like to just chill out and relax?

Gorilla Zoe: When I’m overseas I get a chance to relax and see new cultures. I don’t have to be on my cellphone all the time.

Your debut album drops in September, what can your fans expect from the release?

Gorilla Zoe: A huge album, filled with my life experiences, thoughts and feelings- real and uncut.

Underground Promotion UKAny Shout’s?

Gorilla Zoe: Shout out to the whole UK and everybody that supports Gorilla Zoe.

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Gorilla Zoe

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