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Our reporter Danielle caught up with Houston Trio the Grit Boys to find out about thier debut release Ghetto Reality In Texas as well their DVD mixtape. Find out how they came to sign with TVT and their collaborations with Paul Wall, Trey Songz, Tum Tum and Trae as well as he UK's Dizzee Rascal.

Who does the Grit Boys set up include?

Grit Boys - UniqueGrit Boys: The Grit Boys include Niq, Poppy, Scooby.

Define the style of the Grit Boys?

Grit Boys: We represent the reality in life, the people working jobs having to pay bills etc. We make music you can live to so you can get through the hard times.

You all grew up in Houston right? How do you feel the city as a whole has progressed with music?

Grit Boys: Yea, I feel like it has progressed a lot, our culture has come to the forefront, more artist are known now than back in the day. I remember when the Ghetto Boys went to New York and got booed, but came back and rocked it, that was a big thang for Houston. Salute them boys for going through that!

Tell us about your debut release “Ghetto Reality In Texas”?

Grit Boys: Ghetto Reality In Texas is our debut album we put a lotta work in on that album it features Paul Wall, Bun B, Travis Barker, Trey Songz, Tum Tum, Trae, P$C, Dizzee Rascal, it was our first time around but we really went in on it and it represents Texas well.

You have some big names featured on the album including the UK’s very own master lyricist Dizzee Rascal! How did that link arise?

Grit Boys: Man we been fans of Dizze,e we had some of our people from UK get in contact wit ‘em and our people out here, MattSoReal, they hooked us up with ‘em. He came out and just recorded with us a couple freestyles and a couple songs we just did music together. The only groups he did songs with in the states was us and UGK.

You worked closely with Hawk, how were you affected personally and professionally after his death?

Grit Boys - ScoobyGrit Boys: We were confused at first, but it set in, but he was our mentor so its like losing your father cause he showed every thang we know about music, as far as grinding the music and handling ourself. He was the first person to put any faith in us.

You went one step further with Mix-tapes and released and entire DVD Mix-tape series, what reaction did you get from this?

Grit Boys: That's was actually how we got our deal with TVT, they got a copy of it and called, but we got a great response, it took our name and buzz to a whole other level.

You have been featured in major publications like The Source and XXL, how does it feel when you are recognised like that on a worldwide level? I remember e mailing you when I saw you in XXL just to give props. (laughs)

Grit Boys: Man being in the Source and XXL was one of the highlights of our career it really was a blessing cause you always look in them mags and hope to be there if you want a be a successful rapper and everyone in the industry looks in them mags.

Your current single “Fresh” is making itself known on the radio waves, give us a breakdown of this track for those who have not yet had the pleasure of hearing it?

Grit Boys: Fre$$h is a good club single to make you dance, it was our first single featuring Trae and Tum Tum from Dallas.

You did have meetings with major labels regarding contracts etc. so why did you decide to go down the independent route with TVT?

Grit Boys - PoppyGrit Boys: We wanted to control our own fate and be able to work how we wanted to work without a major cutting our throats cause of money. When we get our money then we’ll run to the majors.

I have to ask, how did codeine cough syrup become so popular down south? What is it mixed with? Or is it simply “straight”?

Grit Boys: Its always been popular in Texas but as our culture got bigger it also got bigger its usually mixed with your favourite soda, some drink it straight but I don't recommend you do that.

What plans do you have for this coming year?

Grit Boys: For the upcoming year we have the new video for now and later paint with Paul Wall and Kyleon from Boss Hogg Outlaws and we have the new mixtape called G.R.I.T Tha Movement we’re pushing heavy and well, never stop pushing the album.

Any Shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKGrit Boys: Shout out to every artist grinding in Texas, RIP Hawk,RIP Pimp C, RIP Big Moe, shout out to Young B, Southern Empire, tha whole S.U.C 1000% Love GBoy General Salute!, $$$ Eapen$ive Ta$te $$$ ’08. Lets get it till ain’t no more to get!

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Grit Boys

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