Guttah is a young cat from Duval County who is down with his mentor Lil Rudy who we featured earlier. Guttah and his Guttah Squad have big plans for domination in 2008, so read on to find out what he had to say when he spoke to our reporter Danielle

Tell us a little about “Guttah Squad” who does the group consist of?

Guttah: Guttah Squad has been around for some years now. It started with Slim, Trigga, BJ, Big Boo, Problem Child, and Lil Reggie. Me, Murdah, and J.Peezy just recently jumped on the scene. Either way it go that was a lot of people to put on a mix-tape so five of us: Lil Reggie, Murdah, J.Peezy, Me,and Problem child branched out to do our own Guttah Squad project.

Being so young (16) do you ever feel pressure to do both music and school?

GuttahGuttah: Not really. I'm a well balanced person I got like a million things going on right now. lol. I work, go to school, and do music full time. At sometimes it can get a little hectic but I always manage to pull through on top.

How would you define Guttah Squad's musical style?

Guttah: Raw. There's no way to put it but street. We give it to the listeners just how it is, raw and uncut and we don't sugar-coat anything. Every once in a while we slow it down for the ladies to give them something to listen to. We don't rap for a specific age range, if you feel our music you feel it because we can relate to people of all different ages.

You are also working on your own solo project “Street Credit Vol 1” what can we expect from that mix-tape?

Guttah: When I drop that you best believe it's going to be heavy in the streets because the the few tracks I have on myspace from it ( the fans love. They send me messages everyday asking when is the mixtape going to drop. You can expect to hear a lot of your favourite Duval County rappers on it like Lil Rudy, Flaim, and many more. I also have a lot different production on it with tracks from the super producer of the south M.Geezy, a young producer named C.P from Atlanta, and Daville Productions who are about to come up real heavy in the Duval area. A lot of the tracks on it were produced by my dawg Pyro from Orange Park, matter-of-fact he produced one of the singles from the mix-tape "Get It How You Live".

Do you feel there is enough support out there for up and coming artists like yourself?

Guttah: Yes, its a lot of support out there. I know some people who would rather listen to one of our mix-tapes than an industry CD, and its people out there that don't even listen to the radio and industry CD's, all they listen to is underground mix-tapes. The local radio stations show a lot of support for underground artist also. There's a lot of support of there you just have to know who its coming from and where to look for it.

Do you write your own lyrics?

GuttahGuttah: Yes, I write all of my lyrics no ghost writing or nothing. Everything I write about is either something I've done or something I've seen in the streets.

The Guttah Squad as a whole are also due to release their debut mix-tape “Certified Guttah Vol 1” what can listeners expect to get from this release?

Guttah: Everybody who listen to our music already know its going to be street, but they can also expect a lot of originality. We have a lot of different subjects we talk about throughout the whole mix-tape. The production for that mix-tape is crazy also. A lot of those tracks came from Pryo but we also got tracks from Lil Rudy and Daville Productions.

What reaction have you been getting in your home town?

Guttah: I don't go home as much as I would like to so I ain't as heavy up there as I am in the Jacksonville area. When I do go home I spend most of my time with my family but I do hit up a few events. A lot of my home town fans know me from the internet. My family in Albany told me a lot of the people up there don't get on myspace but they get on Bebo, which is basically the same thing. I started an account with them and thats when my home town fan base really grew.

Which artists do you admire within Hip Hop?

Guttah SquadGuttah: I admire a lot of the old rappers like Run DMC and LL Cool J. I admire Young Cash for putting Duval on the map and bringing us some national attention. I also admire a lot of underground rappers for making a way for unknown rappers to get a little spotlight. There's a lot of people doing it real big for the underground right now, especially in Jacksonville, FL. Lil Rudy, RAW from No Luv, Bigga Rankins, and many more.

Do you have a game plan for 2008?

Guttah: 2008 is the year for expansion. I'm going to try to get home (Albany, GA) more often to promote my music. I think I could get a lot more love than I'm getting right now if I was on the scene more. Albany is a pretty small city so it wouldn't be hard for me to promote and spread my music through the city. Also I'm going to try to get my face out there more by going to record pools and music summits. I also have Ciara Quaintance, who is an event planner for D.I.M.E (wedding's, party's, or whatever) setting up some shows for me so be on the lookout for those.

Any Shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKGuttah: Big shout out to the whole Guttah Squad family. All the fans who keep me focused and take my music out of town and help spread it. And a big shout out to my dawg Lil Rudy for teaching me the rap game, giving me direction, and showing me how everything is suppose to done. I have to shout out Ciara Quaintance for looking out for me and setting me up with shows. And a huge shout out to my dawg Charssey Quaintance because he the one that started me rapping way back in fifth grade. Last but not least I want to give a shout out to you and all the other promotions company's because with out y'all the people and fans wouldn't know about me. Thanks.

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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