Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman is a real breath of fresh air in the all too predictable world of Hip Hop. Super talented, innovative and quite clearly a top bloke, this Queens NYC resident is definitely an emcee you need to know about in 2012.

Having released three well received long players, he’s made what feels like a very natural move to talent magnet Peanut Butter Wolf‘s Stones Throw label for the release of two brand new EP’s: Subject: Matter and Chimera. We caught up with the man ahead of his London show at The Doctor’s Orders at East Village on June 8th.

Your new EP’s were recently released on Stones Throw Records – how did your involvement in that label come about?

Homeboy Sandman: Shouts to JonWayne, alias Wiggy Wayne for bringing my unique talents to the attention of one Peanut Butter Wolf. Wolf and I then began to build and I began to send him tracks that I was working on with the one the only Rthentic RTNC. Wolf was quite pleased with said tracks. The rest is historical.

What has the response to the new music been like?

Homeboy Sandman: Dope, Ill, Amazing, Sensational and Magnificent.

Your subject matter and delivery feel very fresh; do you strive to stand out or to consciously break rules?

Homeboy Sandman: I think I stand out because I realise there are no rules.

How did you connect with the producers on the new EP’s?

Homeboy SandmanHomeboy Sandman: 2 Hungry Bros I’ve been working with for years now. They are among today’s most promising young producers and their boom bap is without equal. JonWayne I met through Wolf, thank God. Rthentic RTNC originally reached out to me for inclusion in his Atmananda project, which is out now, has been for some time, and is shamefully slept on. The Audible Doctor I met when he was working at Fat Beats. I had no idea then what a gifted producer he was. Ben Grymm was the musical mastermind behind “Mean Mug”, off my last album “The Good Sun”. Paul White and I met when I had the good fortune to be involved with his recent “Rapping with Paul White” release. Mr. Familiar I was introduced to through Lady J and is a super cool cat with a wide range of sound. I’ve been a huge Exile fan ever since “Below The Heavens”, and have been trying to work with him ever since. Navie D sent me beats over the internet, like many producers do. I always listen, because I know I may find cats as talented as Navie D. J57 is another Brown Bag All-star that I met while he was with Fat Beats. Who knew it was a breeding ground for such musical gift. It makes sense though.

You seem to have quite varied and eclectic tastes in beats, what do you look for in your selection process?

Homeboy Sandman: I like beats that are so dope that they make for great listens even without any lyrics. I like beats that I can’t listen to without moving. I like beats that remind me of things. Beats that have their own unique feel. I like beats that are exactly how different moods sound.

The song Illuminati on Chimera is definitely an interesting listen – is this how you see the world working or is it more a matter of creative license with a subject?

Homeboy Sandman: It is precisely what I see happening in the world. Exactly!

What emcees inspire you?

Homeboy Sandman: Black Thought, Mos Def, Slim Shady, Redman, The GZA, Ghostface, LL Cool J, The Fresh Prince, Slick Rick, Big Pun, KRS One, Phife Dog and Nasty Nas to name a few.

Do you have any long term goals with your music you are aiming for?

Homeboy Sandman: To change the entire world and make it a place where people love themselves more and so have the capability to love others more.

What’s next for Homeboy Sandman?

Homeboy Sandman: I’m recording two joints at Sosa’s tomorrow. One produced by Jinesis and the other produced by KNX.

By: Max Weldon

Homeboy Sandman appears at On The Real with Fatlip at East Village on Friday 8th June.

Homeboy Sandman

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