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Tricksta managed to get some words with hot eMultimedia Group signee Jair Dynast who has his debut LP Vialence out right now. This is one smooth cat with something to say. So read on to find out what this now New York resident had to say onhis influences, production techniques and releases so far…

Where are you from?

Jair Dynast: Above all, I’m a Bajan, born in Barbados! So I gotta hold it down for all my Caribbean peoples!!! But I grew up in Toronto and now I’m handling my business in New York (off and on).

When did you get into making music?

Jair Dynast: I think it’s been about six years now since I started in on the music. Not too long after I had to give up my ball scholarship in Texas.

What would you consider your first break?

Jair DynastJair Dynast: Hmm, I would probably have to say my first break was getting signed to eMultimedia Group in 2004 and dropping my first solo 12-inch “SnakeEyes”. That joint peak at #4 in the underground hip hop top 30 for North America and basically set the stage for what I’m doing now.

Tell us more about the label you are on and the set-up you have.

Jair Dynast: eMultimedia Group is an independent Hip Hop/R&B label. The motto of the label is “Hip Hop is Poetic Commentary on Life”. So the focus of the label is to put out music that has something to say and speaks poetically on life experiences. This is the perfect home for a cat like me. I have the unique opportunity of being the label’s flagship artist, basically setting the tone for what’s to come from the label. I am also the lead producer for all future releases so I’m able to set the tone sound wise as well with artist like Azaria who you’ll be hearing a lot about in 2007. If there are artists out there reading this that write songs with something to say pick up my album. If you’re feelin’ my sound as a producer then this is the label for you so get at eMultimedia Group! (www.eMultimediaGroup.com)
What have you released to date?

Jair Dynast: Before I was signed to eMultimedia, I dropped a couple of local12-inch singles when I first started out. I was really just learning the business. After signing with eMultimedia Group, I wanted to give all the mans I worked with in the past an opportunity to get exposure so I asked eMultimedia Group to release what I called my producer album or resume (a compilation album) called “Curriculum Vitae”. I just got a bunch of tracks I recorded in the past with da man dem and got EMG to put them out there. Off that we released the “SnakeEyes” 12-inch.

How would you describe the music you make?

Jair Dynast: Musically, it’s hard to describe cuz I got so many different styles of Hip Hop and other genres blended up into what I do. I’d just have to call the production versatile. Lyrically, my music is aggressive, in your face, poetic commentary. I explore my life and how the ideology of this system we abide by affects my people.
Do you have a website or My Space page where people can hear your music?

Jair Dynast: Yes, I’ve got both. Cats can get at me via my web site at http://www.jairdynast.com or hit me up on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/jairdynast.

What artists inspired you to pick up the microphone?

ImageJair Dynast: I can’t really pinpoint one artist or even just a couple of artists that inspired me to pick up the microphone. It’s more like the whole Hip Hop movement inspires me. Being that I lived all over the States from Texas to Connecticut to New York I was able to get into all the various sub-genres of Hip Hop and that inspires me most. So the artists range from Nas to UGK, Scarface to Mobb Deep, BCC, Ghostface to Dr. Dre n’ Oukast, you know?

What would you say is your biggest achievement in Hip-Hop so far?

Jair Dynast: I think it’s a culmination of things rather than just one. Elevating my music from that of a novice to having my tunes licensed for films and TV shows to having my debut 12-inch single becoming Top 5 in North America. Now having completed my first solo album, I’m on the verge of having this message of equality amongst men reach the masses around the world. That’s my biggest achievement in itself ‘cuz I calculate my moves by grouping a number of tasks together. When I hit the studio to record VIALENCE I set a number of goals I wanted to achieve: let people know who I am and what’s got me here today; reach out to the kids coming up with the same shortcomings I had; let them see we do in fact have options; make society uncomfortable by showing them how they fucking up nah mean and lastly, sound as good as I could doing it.

What producers do you work with?

Jair Dynast: Right now, I work on my dolo. Reason for this is that I have such provocative things to say on my songs; I’d rather stand on my own and take any repercussions that may come from what I have to say on my own. In the future, I’ll be open to working with other cats but for now I gotta do this on my own.

Have you featured on any mixtapes?

Jair Dynast: Yeah, these days that’s a must. Cats can find me on underground mixtapes from DJs like DJ Finch, DJ SA, DJ Law, etc.

Do any mixtape DJ’s or radio stations support what ya doing over in the US?

Jair Dynast: Mos def, I’m getting tremendous love all over the states right now we are tracking spins from as far south as Tampa, Texas, New Mexico to as far North as New York, Boston, Vermont and of course, out west and everywhere in between as well as all across Canada. The 12-inch for “Vicious” just made a huge jump from #21 and #16 to #9 and #10 on the two industry standard grassroots Hip Hop charts in North America. My single is up there with such heavy weights as Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, J Dilla (RIP) featuring Common and D’Angelo amongst others. It has truly been a blessed jump off!

Do you know anything about UK Hip-Hop or the scene in the UK? If so, what do you think of it?

Jair DynastJair Dynast: I can’t claim to be an expert on the UK scene but I know a little bit. I think the UK scene is great because y’all have your own sound and style of doing things which I love ‘cuz that’s what I’m all about. When I hit the studio, I love doing something different to what’s expected. I’m feeling cats like Klashnekoff and the whole Terra Firma crew their shit is ill! I’m likin’ the stuff that Plan B – drops that whole accapella thing is dope. I always open my shows with a quick accapella to get the mans dem listening before the beats drop, you know? And there’s a dude I just discovered called L. Dot Man I like his style. I am guessing that’s what y’all call Grime, right? Sway and Dizzy Rascal are ill too.

So what’s next for you as an artist?

Jair Dynast: Next for me is just continuously promoting this VIALENCE album making sure as many people as possible know about the music and the vibes I’m bringing. eMultimedia Group is working on setting up a crazy tour schedule to support VIALENCE all around the world and just get the tunes out to the fans right where they rest at! So any booking agents or promoters feel free to get in touch! I’m also in the studio working on new material for my next album and laying down tracks for the rest of the eMultimedia Group roster.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Jair Dynast: Yeah, just want to big all the fans in the UK and thank y’all for all the love and support y’all bin showing me! Big up to all the DJs, press and of course, Hazel and the whole eMultimedia camp for holding me down! Make sure y’all cop that Jair Dynast V.I.A.L.E.N.C.E. album September 26, 2006!

Interview by Tricktsa

Jair Dynast - Vialence

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