Jay D Will

Leon caught up with Photographer Jay D Will to get the low down on his work and future projects. Hailing from South West London, Jay graduated from university this year achieving a 1st class degree. Currently, he has been doing alot of freelance work for UK magazines, underground music artists, designers and make up artists.

Read on to find out more about the photographer whose personal aim is to breakout out globally from NYC to Japan!

How long have you been involved in photography for?

Jay D WillJay D Will: It's been about nine years now, before that I was into music production, fine art painting and illustration / graphic design.

Why did you decide to become a photographer?

Jay D Will: I would say various Hip Hop artist album covers from 1996. I remember when I brought Busta Rhymes first album 'The Coming', the photography was crazy, the photographer Dean Karr totally capture Busta's soul and personality in every image… Also in the same year Naz's 'It Was Written’ album cover, with the double exposed faced over a street in Queens New York.

Old source magazine also played a part… but what set the peddle in motion for me, was when I first enter a darkroom at college… I learnt how to process black & white films and develop pictures. The darkroom was a beautiful place where I bring my visual ideas to life, in way drawing and painting couldn't.

Who / what inspires your work and why?

Jay D Will: I watch a lot of black cinema and Japan / Korean film / Anime (If you can checkout Cyber City, Old Boy, Once Upon a Time in High School)… I'm also a huge fan of the late great Pop artist's such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Hip Hop from the 90 has played a huge role, followed with the culture scene which comes with it. Music is my source of creative fuel.

What makes your work unique to the rest?

Jay D WillJay D Will: I would say possibly my creative eye for unseen detail… What I mean by this is, through my camera lens I am able to view the world in my own personal way and capture it… It's is said that beauty is in the eyes of it's beholder, this applies to me in so many other way, in regards to how I view the world as photographer… I truly believe I see and capture things, which most people don't see behind the camera… It all about capturing the and substance of my subject.

What does the word ‘style’ mean to you?

Jay D Will: Hmm… Good question! I believe the term 'style' is something transparent, fluid and completely boundless, which can swiftly changes like weather, lol. To me it means personal identity / entity / character, which can often personified it self to become something spectacular. It's ones personal out take on life reflected!

Describe you philosophy about the art of fashion?

Jay D Will: My thought process on this is quit simple. I call it Birth / Rebirth, it amazes me how a new style of fashion be created, then die out like a flower, but then leave seeds of new possibility and creativity… Or even you can have old fashion trend which dies out, then somewhere in the near future have a sudden rebirth of life. That for me is the beautiful art of fashion… This my not make sense, but for me it is what it is!

Any new projects lined up for 2007?

Jay D WillJay D Will: I'm working on some Fashion / fine art pieces which I hope to get both exhibited and published… You’re just going to have to wait and see…

In your eyes what makes a good portfolio?

Jay D Will: Hmm… I would say one which contains images which are vivid and memorable, I would say one which contains images which are connected well to make a story, theme… For me it has to reflect the artists personal out-take, personality and creativity.

How do you feel about giving all your creativity to the world?

Jay D Will: For me it means everything, the art of what I do is share visually without any words need… I mean those before me inspired me to do what I do what. My aim is to do the same and be a positive role model and well established photographer. Children of today need inspiration more than ever right now. Through my work, I want the world to see what I see through me eyes, and enjoy the ride!

By: Leon B

Jay D Will

Jay D Will

By Leon

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