Jay Rock

This time round I bring you one of the West Coast’s finest rising stars, Jay Rock. With a rough and raw rugged sound Jay Rock is definitely keeping the West on the map. With bangers like ‘On Bloods’ and ‘We On 1’ it’s no surprise he has a huge following and recently had the opportunity to record with the south’s finest, Lil Wayne.

Being a Blood gang member Jay Rock’s music is 100% real, uncut and for the streets, Jay Rock is undoubtedly one of the West Coast’s finest MC’s.

Tell us a little about your journey so far?

Jay RockJay Rock: Long journey from bangin to hustlin and now rappin, but my journey is not complete, I have along way to go.

Was music always something you felt you had to pursue in life?

Jay Rock: Naw, I never thought about a career in music, my plan was to make millions off of hustlin in the streets, thats all I knew.

Your current single features Lil Wayne, what is it like for you to have such an established artist working alongside you on your own project?

Jay Rock: It was krazy working with a nigga like Wayne plus he’s my blood brother from another mother. Yeah, but me being a new artist I felt I had to work with a big name artist and show everybody I can hold my own with anybody. Wayne’s beast!

Who do you feel is keeping the West Coast on the map right now?

Jay Rock: Jay Rock! Naw for sure my nigga Game, Snoop and then we got the new blood thats putting it down like myself, Glasses Malone, KDot , Problem, Topic, Bo, Absol, the list goes on.

What did you think of The Game’s first album? He really did bring the West Coast back on top.

Jay Rock: It was a classic. For sho he put the West back on the map. We wasn’t getting a lot of attention until his shit dropped.

Jay Rock

You are from the Nickerson Gardens Projects right? What was life like for you growing up in Watts?

Jay Rock: A constant struggle to survive man. You got to be strong and ready for war everyday. Shit always pops off in the Gardens, but I love my hood to death.

Do you have a release date for the album yet? What can the fans expect from it?

Jay Rock: I don’t have the exact date but its coming soon. They expect a great album and they learn a lot about me and where I come from.

The “No Sleep Till NYC” Mix-tape had a whole squad of DJ’s behind it, why so many on one Mix-tape?

Jay Rock: I had old school West coast and East coast tracks on it so I just wanted to put the hottest DJs from both coasts on that muthafucka.

Jay Rock

What reaction did you get from the release?

Jay Rock: Niggas loved that shit. A lot of the o.g. rappers hit me and told me I killed it. They was shook to hear a young nigga have the balls to do, and not fuck up those classic songs.

Your track “On Bloods” was a track purposely made to represent the Bloods gang right? Do you keep it red?

Jay Rock: Yea… I been keeping it red since a baby.

What other projects are you currently working on?

Jay Rock: Putting final touches on my album and I'm working on a new mixtape right now, just finish up a few features.

Jay Rock

You seem to be on your grind 24-7, do you ever find time for yourself to just kick back and relax?

Jay Rock: Right now my nigga its all work and no play. I’m going super hard and when I rest I rest in the booth.

What are your vices in life? I mean we all have at least one. Whether it be a woman and her shoes or a guy and his cars, what do you like to spend your well earned cash on?

Jay Rock: I would say guns, lol… I spend my shit on me and for sho my moms. I got to make sure she has everything. With out her there’s no me.

Any Shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKJay Rock: Shouts out to my TDE family and all my niggas in the Nickerson Gardens, stay up blood.

By: Danielle

Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Jay Rock

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